October 13, 2016   Joe Cline

With 120 sailors, 100 boats rigged, and course set, the final regatta of the Northwest Youth Racing Circuit was ready to go. At the 10:00 skipper’s meeting, Executive Director Mary Anne Ward welcomed the crowd to Sail Sand Point for Octoberfest weekend, followed by the Sailing Foundation’s Andrew Nelson and Sail Sand Point’s Nino Johnson reviewing SIs, course and schedule. Unfortunately, the regatta was not to be, with both Saturday and Sunday seeing Lake Washington perfectly becalmed, and no races sailed.


Spot Team at Octoberfest

Despite the shut out, corresponding with the last event of the summer for these youth sailors, spirits remained relatively high throughout the weekend. Considering it was late September, the weather did not disappoint. Both days were warm- appropriate for jumping off Sand Point’s pier and soaking up the sun.

Optis skulling

Optis skulling

A highlight of the weekend was the distribution of awards for the 2016 summer series of the NW Youth Race Circuit. Presented by Andrew Nelson, each fleet was awarded prizes for the top three total scores. A big congratulations to all participants in the series, especially those whose dedication and skill throughout the season earned them one of the top awards!

Cascadia Cup


Cascadia Cup

After the end of the summer circuit, Sail Sand Point also hosted the first college and high school regatta of the season- Cascadia Cup. This annual regatta combines the high school and college circuits from the Northwest for a weekend of racing and local college program info for high school sailors planning their next steps. Over October 8 & 9, sailors dealt with gusts up to 30 knots and frequent dumps of rain, making a welcoming start to the season.


Cascadia Cup

The final event of the year will be the USODA Northwest regional championships, which takes place October 22nd & 23rd. Drawing Optimist sailors from around the Northwest and a few from around the country, this is a great opportunity for local sailors to join in one last regatta for the season and learn from seasoned sailors.
It’s been a great season full of regattas and racing at SSP, and we can’t wait to do it again next year. A big thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who spend their weekends at SSP to ensure that regattas have food, mark boats, streamlined parking, scoring & registration, and general organization.  Thank you also to all of the sailors, parents, coaches, and everyone who showed up and participated!

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article by Jeanne Currie

photos by Jim Skeel and Jeanne Currie