January 4, 2017   Joe Cline

Dear 48° North Readers,

We need your help! If you don’t have time to read about WHY we are asking you to do this survey, but are willing to take a couple of minutes to fill one out, go directly to:

Here’s the WHY:

48° North is able to come to you each month (for the awesome price of FREE!) thanks to the dedicated support of our advertisers, and in turn, your support of their businesses. We’re all connected and all invested in one another, and that’s just how we like it. Every few years, our advertisers want to know more about how fantastic you, our readers, are.

I know, I know – everybody and their dog wants a survey these days. But, this demographic information is important to us and to them. Advertisers take a calculated risk advertising in print. Digital ad sales people can promise things print can’t guarantee. However, what we can promise them is that we have you – our audience of readers who appreciate our magazine, and are eager to pick it up and actually read it, over and over again. In this is a beauty (and challenge) for a free magazine in 2017. We aren’t storing our cookies with you when you pick up a magazine. If you want some cookies, I might bake some for you… oatmeal chocolate chip is my specialty. While the sailing world has a tight-knit social scene, it also provides the ability, when you want it, to go out and get all sorts of lost and disconnected and private. We don’t regularly troll or track you, and we want to keep it that way. 

So, in an effort to continue to bring you the best coverage of sailing stories from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond, we ask that you give a few minutes to participate in our 2017 Reader Survey. 48° North is a community, from our team at headquarters in Ballard, to our readers all over the world; from our advertisers who make this all possible, to our writers to who are riding the waves and living the dream. Please help us keep bringing you those stories of fun and funny capers, reports from the races and rendezvous, and tales of the cruising lifestyle that are heartwarming, inspiring, and adventurous.

Indeed, this is mostly a demographic survey, but this is also an opportunity for you to tell us how we’re doing. If you think I’ve driven the good ship 48° North into the rocks,  or that the advertisement design has improved thanks to Savannah’s creativity, or whatever – we want to know. The survey helps us continue to bring you a publication that is not only free, but one that is filled with the kind of articles, information, and advertisements that matter to you.

You can fill the survey out online at Or, if you’re coming to the Seattle Boat Show, please stop by our booth (West 24) and say hello – you can fill it out right there. 

Fisheries Supply has generously partnered with us on this project, and we will be giving away two Hatteras Crewfit 40 Pro Inflatable Lifejackets (with an integral harness) to two lucky survey participants.

Ok, the sales pitch is over. But, the 2017 fun is just beginning! We hope to see you at the Boat Shows and on the water.

With deep gratitude for your time, consideration, and support of 48° North,

Joe Cline and the entire 48°N Crew