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All the Power You Need
Model Shown Beta 38
Engineered to be Serviced Easily!
Beta Marine West (Distributor)
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Pacific Northwest Dealer Network
Emerald Marine
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Oregon Marine Industries
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Access Marine
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Sea Marine
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Deer Harbor Boatworks
Deer Harbor, WA 888-792-2382
Patrick Hill’s variation on William Orgg’s Windvane Design.
immediate reaction as I saw an upper bracket aluminum angle strut had broken. We disengaged the vane from the auxiliary rudder, pulled the latter up straight and tied it in position and started steering manually by the main rudder. It was a devastating moment because the first thing I thought of was the trouble we would have manually steering the boat for the rest of the trip. I did nothing further as it was almost dark.
The next morning, in a more positive frame of mind, I was ready to fix it. I noticed the strut, which I had earlier found in some scrap-yard, had a 1/16” drill hole at the point it had broken. Seeing the texture of the metal at the break was smooth, I was sure the breakage had resulted from fatigue and not from an overload which would have shown a rough surface. The forces that came off the auxiliary rudder were always alternating the load in the strut from compression to tension to compression. This caused the strut to fail typically in fatigue and right at the drill hole. In two hours I had it repaired using spare aluminum strips I had stored and using our Honda generator to power our 110V drill. Now we were back in the groove, and it never failed again.
Happy sailing,
Patrick Hill
Vancouver, Canada
December 2017

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