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Sirius Aero Foil Model AF-1 Daytime Visual Distress Signal (DVDS), for recreational boaters, is constructed of helium-filled mylar parafoil that inflates when deployed. In case of an emergency, boaters will hold the canister that the device is housed in, open the top cover to remove the AF-1 and activate. The device will then automatically inflate and rise to 100 feet, where it can stay aloft for up to several days.
The Aero Foil AF-1 has been developed for possible U.S. Coast
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Water is a cell phone’s nemesis! Left out in the cockpit of your boat, or one dunk in the toilet, or unfortunate drink spill, can send you into a panic - desperately
searching for a bowl of rice to dry your damp device. Well, save the rice for dinner because Absorbits – the wet phone rescue pouch – is here to save the day!
Absorbits is the first patented case designed to rescue your smartphone from water disasters. If your phone gets wet, Absorbits will quickly extract fluid from your phone, helping it make a full recovery! This sleek, simple padded case acts as a phone dryer and as an extra layer of protection against damage. Take it out on the boat, on hikes, to pool parties, on vacations, or keep it in your bag in case you find yourself in need of a repair. The
Wet Phone Rescue Pouch can be used again and again, while also doubling as a phone storage sleeve. It can be used for preventive maintenance as well.
Too often, drink holders don’t provide the flexibility to handle everyone's favorite beverage. Accon Marine’s new Adjustable Drink Holder holds everything from a 2-liter bottle to a delicate stemmed wine glass. When it’s time to end the day, it snaps out of its quick-release base for stowage.
The Adjustable Drink Holder is manufactured from gleaming 316 stainless steel.
It adjusts 2.5" vertically and
its arms open from 2.25" to
4". While easy to change to fit a specific beverage container or glass, it provides a sure, solid grip for spill-free use. The holder can be swiveled in its quick-release base for easy access.
The stainless steel base mounts flush to the surface, so cut-outs aren't needed. It installs easily with two #10 screws.
Guard compliance and will be superior to current pyrotechnics.
In order to meet daytime distress signal requirements, boaters can currently choose between the U.S. Coast Guard-approved pyrotechnics or the daytime distress flag.
“We wanted to create a product for boaters that is highly visible and long-lasting in daytime emergencies and that first responders can reliably identify from the air or water. The challenge is to be seen by first responders who can often take two hours to locate boaters in distress once the call for help has been received. A distinct colored signal shape that can stay aloft over the boat for days is the fastest way to be located,” said Anthony Covelli, CEO of Sirius Signal.
Easystow Fenders® primary purpose is as extra fenders when you need them, without taking up a lot of space when you don’t. Use them against pilings, piers or in raft ups. Often times, a couple of standard fenders are not enough, especially in rolling or stormy conditions and extra fenders are nice to have around. They’re easy to inflate and easy to store.
The unique design helps prevent them from rolling out of position and allows them to fold flat when not in use. All have multiple attachment points for different configurations. There are lots of models to fit your needs. Original heavy duty stands up
to chafe and scrapping against pilings and concrete piers with the thickest reinforced material of any inflatable boat fender on the market. Standard
duty fenders are lighter weight, easier to handle, and come in a variety of colors. They’re best suited for general docking, boat to boat rafting, and weight conscious racers. Our most popular and unique models are the extra long fenders.
Easystow Fenders® are convenient, tough and reliable! The ‘double wall’ construction provides an outer cover to take the abuse, while the 10mil urethane heat-sealed liner ensures there are no longitudinal seams to catch or split. The 4,500 lb rated polyester webbing for attachment points, is durable enough to take plenty of chafe.
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