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Swimming with humpbacks!
being stamped, we received handmade seashell leis and had our photo taken for the local paper.
Pitcairn Island is spectacularly beautiful, with rugged volcanic peaks and lush tropical fruit growing everywhere. Our first night on Pitcairn coincided with a community dinner to celebrate the return of one of their own. We were honored to be invited guests and enjoyed a scrumptious South Pacific potluck and a wonderful ukulele jam session. We visited the museum that houses artifacts from the Bounty, as well as a collection of the famous Pitcairn stamps. We were adopted for a day by a fellow who
took us on a tour of the island on his quad bike. We saw the whole island in a couple of hours. He is a descendant of Ned Young, one of the original Bounty crew, and was keen to share the history of the island and its inhabitants, as well as his hopes and plans for the future of the community. There is no airport on Pitcairn, and the residents rely on a supply ship that comes quarterly. Mail comes sporadically on various boats. (We actually took a packet of mail for delivery with us to New Zealand!) The Pitcairn community is tight-knit, bolstered by the interdependence that is necessary in such a remote location with limited supplies. We felt welcomed into the community straight away, and were overwhelmed by the incredible kindness and generosity of the people there. Before we left, the Pitcairners filled our dinghy to capacity with local vegetables and fruits (including more than 60 kilos of bananas), plus banana bread and (my favorite) peanut butter!
We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Pitcairn Islands. The incredible, raw beauty of these remote islands is unparalleled. We like to call ourselves
“Ardea” anchored at Pitcairn Island.
voyagers, but in the Pitcairns we felt like explorers. We will return to these islands, as we felt we didn’t have nearly enough time at each. Jacques Cousteau said, “What you love, you protect,” and we will help in whatever ways we are able to protect these islands as the treasures they are.
Michele and Noj have safely made passsage to Auckland, NZ! Follow them at
“Night Has Come”
by Alan Giana
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