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Sloop Tavern Yacht Club
Race YouR House
Making Chili while underway is good, but Taco-In-A Bag is even better!
hauling out the “race sails” that may not have seen the light of day but have grown plenty of mold since the last “Race Your House” (or since the last owner raced the boat in 1992), and deciding if it’s really worth the effort to ditch the 300' of anchor chain to lighten up the load (the anchor chain stayed).
It was a 10-mile jaunt around the Sound. The start/finish line was just off the Shilshole breakwater, then south to Westpoint, across the Sound to Point Monroe, back east to Meadow Point with one final push south to the start/finish line.
Few races in the Puget Sound embrace more diversity in craft. All types and styles were represented; from more traditional performance oriented boats made up of a Ross 40, C&C 41, and a J/44, to the abundant bluewater ketches made of both fiberglass and wood, a spattering of Beneteaus and Jenneaus, and even the motorsailer, Archimedes. Contrary to most carbon crazed races these days, an overwhelming amount of dacron was hoisted on the entire fleet. All lined up in seven different starts, broken down in both flying and non- flying sail classes.
There was a healthy breeze out of the southeast. Plenty for the experienced sailors in the flying class to be guided along by their properly rigged spinnaker and light enough to lure the less experienced into attempting to fly the kite.
The end result of “Race Your House” is that everyone who started had a blast. Plenty of chili, lasagna, and warm spiked drinks were consumed during and after the race. And the neighborhood grew a little bit closer, despite a hearty amount of heckling. However, this is not the kind of race that hands out participation awards. Congrats to Brava for their first place finish in the non-flying sails class and Croquette for their win in the flying sails class.
Thank you to Sloop Tavern and all the volunteers who made this race happen. They lend their time, energy, and resources to put on such a fun and great event.
story and photos by Tim and Kristin Fiedler results on page 45
To many land-bound people, the only race their home will ever compete in is the rat race - a lifelong grind of keeping up with the Joneses. The moment they buy their floating abode, most liveaboards abandon this as they rid themselves of furniture and square footage. Do not mistake the desertion of the rat race for a lack of competitive spirit! After all, any time two or more boats are on a similar course, it’s a race!
The Sloop Tavern Yacht Club’s
annual “Race Your House” race is the liveaboard’s opportunity to unleash that competitive spirit and see how the house stacks up against the rest of the neighborhood.
It’s a contest for a slightly saltier bunch whose priorities differ from your typical racer or, for that matter, homeowner. Pre-race prep for many liveaboards includes training the family dog to be additional rail meat, deciding which chili recipe to throw on the stove during the final leg,
Few races in the Puget Sound embrace more diversity in craft.
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