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As we dropped the anchor on Sunday to position the committee boat for Sloop Tavern’s Fall Regatta, I marveled at what a difference a day made. Saturday we hosted the annual “Race Your House” race - some rain, little wind, and a relaxed atmosphere on the committee boat, made for a fun albeit soggy day.
Today was different - sunnier skies, more wind, and boats that were designed to race; three races in a single day with six classes; 18 start sequences throughout the day. Mark Jackson, our PRO (Principal Race Officer) knew that precision and clarity were needed to pull off a successful day. Taking the wind into consideration, Mark describes the courses for the day: “Race 1 was a basic one lap warm-up. Race 2 required two spinnaker sets with a harder to remember sequence. Race 3 was also two laps.”
Skipper Philippe Lindheimer, on Skana II, has only been racing a year on his present boat, a Sabre 386. His previous racing was on smaller boats, mainly in Lake Washington. According to Phillipe, “We had a great day overall. Our first two races were not our best and the challenging range of winds, along with several mistakes we made, didn’t help. Everything came together for us in the third race when we finally tuned to have a great start, not first across the line, but in a controlling tactical position that allowed us to quickly pull ahead of our class. From there, we had a great upwind race (reefing early paid off, higher pointing with no loss of speed).”
“For us one of the biggest challenges was whether to use our asymmetrical spinnaker. It’s a light weight .75oz, which I really like and don’t want to watch disintegrate. Every time we got to the weather mark, the wind was blowing around 20+, and then three quarters of the way down to the leeward mark, the wind would subside and we’d be debating whether it was worth pulling the chute anymore. Watching Airloom’s chute slowly start ripping helped us decide to play conservative.”
Tacking dual between “Grayling” and “Skana II.”
Sloop Tavern Yacht Club
Fall Regatta
Bill Stange, who raced on Airloom, mentioned, “The final results in our class were so close that no one on any of the boats knew whether they were fifth or first.”
Duke Phan, on his 1923 Herreshoff designed Q boat Grayling, was in the same class as Skana II. Duke thought the race was a blast. “The wind conditions made it challenging for the Grayling crew as we were sailing shorthanded. We were overpowered with the #1 and underestimated the current at
the West Point Buoy in the first race, but did all right in race 2 and 3, after we switched to the #3 and got used to the conditions. The competition in Class 4 was exciting and fierce as we traded trash-talk before (and after) the race! We sailed well and finished with a third in class to show.”
All and all, it was a good day on the water. Here’s to more participation and more racing in 2018!
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Sloop Tavern Racers charging the starting line.
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