» Weems & Plath BRIGHTWind

Knowing that real estate is limited on the top of the mast, Weems & Plath set out to create the world’s first ultrasonic wind sensor/LED triColor/LED anchor light combination—and they did it! Aptly named, BRIGHTWind, this unique, state-of-the-art pairing combines the ultra-low-powered, non-mechanical wind sensor (created by Spanish manufacturer, Calypso Instruments) with Weems & Plath’s powerful, yet energy efficient, LX TriColor/Anchor LED Navigation Light with Strobe and Photodiode. This combination was designed exclusively for sailors seeking unparalleled simplicity, safety, and precision on the water. BRIGHTWind will provide wind speed and direction data to any NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 display (with converter). Unlike many traditional wind sensors on the market, BRIGHTWind features no bearings or mechanical parts, instead using four ultrasonic transducers that measure how fast it takes for sound waves to travel back and forth between each transducer. The speed with which the sound waves travel is used by the sensor to determine the wind speed and direction.

Price $1,599.99 » www.Weems-Plath.com/BRIGHTWind

» Musto MPX Gore-Tex Impact Jacket

Built for maximum performance against the impact of rigorous offshore racing, this gore-tex sailing jacket provides optimized breathability and comes with a ‘guaranteed to keep you dry’ promise for waterproof protection in a totally windproof product. Musto’s new exclusive technology allows for a low profile, lightweight, flexible jacket that is waterproof without impacting on the fabric’s breathable properties.​ An easy-access waterproof phone pouch with a touch-sensitive window is located on the forearm so you can use navigation or wind data apps. Laser cut pocket drainage prevents pooling, while YKK VISLON® AquaGuard® zippers provide rain and windproof closures. Chest and hand pockets are trimmed with reflective details for higher visibility in darker conditions. The hi-vis hood can pack away into the collar and there is an external hanging loop for storage.​ The outer funnel neck collar works against the whip of the wind and spray, while the inner PU coated collar stretches with an adjustable, elasticated tab for a comfortable and close fit against the skin. The hem of the jacket is finished with an adjustable neoprene skirt that, when closed tightly, prevents water rushing up..

Price: $1,150 » www.musto.com

» Seldén Winches

Seldén Mast recently introduced an extensive range of new manual and electric self-tailing winches that  give extra attention to the drum and the self-tailer. The new winches were designed to obtain a strong grip, a smooth release, and the possibility to easily pull the slack straight out of the self-tailer with the winch handle fitted in the socket. The drums feature vertical ribs placed in an asymmetric order with uneven distances between the ribs. A line under load will deform over the ribs but when easing off the line over the Seldén drum, all indentations are not simultaneously reaching the next rib. The line will then have less tendency to “jump” out but will rather slide out with control. Seldén calls it  Asymmetric Rib Technology (ART). The winches are built at Seldén’s plant in Sweden and consist of manually operated two-speed self-tailing winches in sizes 30-66 and electric winches in sizes 40-66. The electric winches are manual 2-speed winches fitted to a SEL-Bus driven motor pack allowing for a third high-speed velocity.

Price: $955+ » www.seldenmast.com