SARC: Seattle Area Racing Calendar 2020


Presented by Port Townsend Rigging and Spars

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Thanks for checking out the 2020 SARC. We’re excited to see you on the race course this year! There are a few ways to view this information.

  • This page has the Seattle Area Racing Calendar you know and love, with consolidated additions of the British Columbia and Portland calendars.
  • The printed document in inserted in the January 2020 edition of 48° North, and will be available for pickup as a stand alone document throughout the year most places you find 48°N in print (yacht clubs, chandleries, sailmakers, marinas, etc.).
  • If you’d like to download a PDF version of the full printed SARC, you may do so via the PDF viewer below.
  • If you’d like to use the Google Calendar version of the SARC, that will also be available on January 13, 2020.
  • Occasionally, event dates change, please check back to this page and the magazine calendar each month, as well as directly with organizing entities to ensure that there have not been changes/additions/etc.

Before we go on, we need to say thanks to a few folks because we could NOT do this alone!

  • Thank you to the yacht club volunteers and staff who work with us to iron out season schedules and get all their information to us during the crazy holiday season.
  • Thank you to the advertisers who make it possible to do this (please support those who support local racing and sailors like you!): Port Townsend Rigging and Spars, Fisheries Supply, Samson Rope, Northwest Rigging, West Marine Rigging, West Vancouver Yacht Club/Southern Straits, Ballard Sails and Yacht Services, Davis Instruments, Doyle Sails Seattle, North Sails Seattle, North Sound Party Circuit (Anacortes, Bellingham, and Orcas Island Yacht Clubs), Pacific NW Offshore (CYC Portland), Pink Boat Regatta RBS Battens, Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle, Seattle Singles Yacht Club, Seattle Yacht Club, Shilshole Bay Yacht Club, Sloop Tavern Yacht Club.


January 2020

5 SLF Seattle Frostbite Series
5 RVicYC Johnstone Reef
11 TTPYC Duwamish Head SSS #2 (48N Top 25)
11 SBYC Snowbird #3
12 SSYC Goosebumps Lake Union
12 RVicYC Winter Around the Buoy Race #1
18 SSSS Eld Inlet Race
18 STYC Iceberg Race
19 SSYC Goosebumps Lake Union
19 RVicYC Winter Long Distance #1
25 CYCT Harbor Series #1
25–26 CYCS/SLF Seattle Frigid Digit
26 RVicYC Winter Around the Buoy Race #2
26 SSYC Goosebumps Lake Union


February 2020

1 SSSS Henderson Inlet Race
2 SSYC Goosebumps Lake Union
2 RVicYC Winter Long Distance #2
8 CYCT Harbor Series #2
8 SBYC Snowbird #4
9 SSYC Goosebumps Lake Union
9 RVicYC Winter Around the Buoy Race #3
15 OYC/SSSS Toliva Shoal SSS #3 (48N Top 25)
15 OIYC Shaw Island Winter Classic
15–16 RVicYC Frozen Assets Race
16 SSYC Goosebumps Lake Union
16 CYCE Frostbite Series #1
16 RVicYC Winter Long Distance #3
22 CYCT Harbor Series #3
22 STYC Freshwater Race, Kirkland
22 AYC Girts Rekevics Foul Weather
22 PMYC Jim Depue Memorial WSSA #1
23 SLF Seattle Frostbite Series
23 RVicYC Sprint Around the Buoy Race #1
29 WBF/PTSA Shipwrights’ Regatta
29 SSSS Skookum Inlet Island Race
29–1 US Sailing Safety at Sea Seminar (Bainbridge Island)


March 2020

1 CYCE Frostbite Series #2
1 RVicYC Winter Long Distance #4
7 CYCS Blakely Rock CSS #1 (48N Top 25)
7–8 NWISA Island Cup, Oak Harbor
8 RVicYC Spring Around the Buoys #2
14 CYCS Scatchet Head CSS #2 (48N Top 25)
14 RVicYC Spring One Design Race
14 BYC Hales Pass Dash
14 GHYC Islands Race SSS #4 (48N Top 25)
15 RVicYC William Head Race
15 SLF Seattle Frostbite Series
15 CYCE Frostbite Series #3
21 SBYC Snowbird #5
21 POYC Spring Shakedown WSSA #2
21 RCYC Frostbite Regatta
21–22 NWISA Combined Division, Sail Sand Point
22 RVicYC Spring Around the Buoys #3
28 CYCS Three Tree Point CSS #3 (48N Top 25)
28 SSSS McAllister Creek Race
28 BYC Vendovi Island Race
28–29 RVicYC UVic Western Canada Cup
28–29 SNSYC Blackline Patos Island Race (VIRS 1)
29 CYCE Frostbite Series #4


April 2020

4 STYC Carol Pearl Blakely Rock Benefit (48N Top 25)
4 CYCT Spring Single/Double Handed Race
4 RVanYC Mid Distance Race (VARC)
4–5 PYC Opening Day Regatta
4–5 NWISA Forrest Cook Regatta, Hood River
5 RVicYC Lipton Cup
10–11 WVYC Southern Straits (VARC) (48N Top 25)
11 SSSS Spring Series Race #1
11–12 CGRA Rainier Cup (FJ–College)
18 TTPYC Pursuit Race
18 MSA Spring Regatta
18 WSCYC Rich Passage Ramble WSSA #3
18 SSSS Spring Series Race #2
18 SYSCO COB Challenge
18–19 CYCS Puget Sound Spring Regatta(Small Boats)
18–19 RVicYC THRASH Race (VIRS 2)
18–19 OIYC East Sound Spring Regatta
19 CYCE Frostbite Series #5
25 PoulsYC Poulsbo Invitational WSSA #4
25 SSSS Spring Series Race #3
25 RVicYC Opening Day RVicYC
25–26 CWB Norm Blanchard WOOD Regatta
25–26 RVanYC Kitten Cup
25–26 NWISA Fleet District Championship, Bellingham
25–26 SYC Smith Island Tri Island #1 (48N Top 25)
25–26 WVYC Spring Stag Race
26 CYCE Frostbite Series #6


May 2020

2 SYC Opening Day
2 WVYC Halibut Bank/Popham Island Race (VARC)
2 BYC Opening Day
2 SSSS Spring Series Race #4
2–3 STYC Race to the Straits
2–3 NWISA Team Race District Championship, Sail Sand Point
2–3 RVicYC Spring Dinghy Race
2–3 RVanYC One Design Regatta
2–3 SYSCO Grow the Sport Race
3 SYC Mark Mayer (Free) Race
7–10 CYCP Pacific NW Offshore (formerly Oregon Offshore) (48N Top 25)
9 POYC Invitational WSSA #5
9 BYC Round Lummi Island Race
9–10 HOBIE Hobie Race, Cultus Lake, B.C.
9–10 CGRA Gorge Invite (FJ–College, alumni)
9–10 ISSA Mallory Doublehanded National Championship
9–10 MBYC Thetis Island Regatta (VIRS 3)
9–10 SYC Vashon Island Tri Island #2 (48N Top 25)
16 RVicYC School League Regatta
16 HOBIE Round Mercer Island Fun Sail
16 ISC Pirate Night Beer Can Race
16–17 CYCS Puget Sound Spring Regatta (Big Boats) (48N Top 25)
16–17 OHYC Round Whidbey Race
16–17 SISC Round Saltspring Island Race (VIRS 4)
23–24 RVicYC Swiftsure International Yacht Race (VIRS 5) (48N Top 25)
23–24 WVYC Women’s Race and Cruise
30 BYC Point Roberts Race
30 RVanYC Leukemia Cup Regatta
30 SYC Blake Island Tri Island #3 (48N Top 25)


June 2020

5–7 WBF/PTSA Port Townsend Classic Mariners’ Regatta
6 MSA Saratoga Sprint
6 PYC Rose Festival Regatta
6 EBM Leukemia Cup/Downtown Sailing Series Kickoff
6 BRYC Blake Island WSSA #6
6 BIYC Round Bowen Island Race (VARC)
6 ISC Water Guns Beer Can Race
6–7 SCYC Lasqueti Island Race (VIRS 6)
6–7 FCYC RNSA Singlehanded Race to Nanaimo
6–7 BYC Keelboat One Design Regatta
6–7 RVanYC One Design Regatta
7 SYC Junior Leukemia Cup Regatta
7 PYC Rose Festival Regatta
8 R2AK Race to Alaska Begins
13 RVicYC School League Championship
13 CYCT 3 Hour Tour #1
13 SYSCO Singlehanded Beer Can Race
13 TYC Summer Vashon
13–14 PMYC Figure 8 Race
13–14 CYCE Mad Dash
13–14 HOBIE Live on the Edge, Fern Ridge
13–14 CYCS/SNW J/Fest
13–14 AYC Windermere Regatta
20 STYC Three Buoy Fiasco
20 RVicYC Interfleet Regatta
20 OIYC Round Orcas
20 RCYC Medium Distance Race
20–21 HOBIE Jericho Classic, Vancouver, BC
20–21 RVanYC WAVES Regatta
21 RVicYC Summer One Design Race
21–22 RVicYC Long Harbour Race
26–28 CYCS San Juan 24 North Americans
27 WSCYC Brownsville Race WSSA #7
27–28 NWYRC Vancouver Lake Youth Regatta
29 PCYC Pac Cup Starts Begin


July 2020

1 RVicYC Canada Day Pursuit Race
3–5 NYC SIN Regatta, M242 North Americans (VIRS 7–VARC)
10 RVanYC Vic–Maui Starts Begin
11 BYC WOW Regatta! (Women on the Water)
11 RVicYC Women in Wind Race
11–12 PYC Summer Regatta
11–12 VRC Summer Regatta (VARC)
11–12 HOBIE Kits Invitational
11–12 CGRA Wind Regatta
11–19 RVicYC Canadian Fracophone Games
13–17 PRRW Point Roberts Race Week (48N Top 25)
18 CGRA Laser Blowout
18–19 RVanYC One Design Regatta
24–26 CGRA Columbia Gorge One Design (CGOD)
25 CYCT 3 Hour Tour #2
25 STYC Women at the Helm
25–26 NWYRC Ray Jarecki Youth Regatta
25–26 HOBIE Hobie Race, Ocean Shores/Damon Point
30–2 SYSCO Ranger 20 National Championship


August 2020

1 SYSCO Shorthanded Soaker
1 HRYC Double Damned Race
1–2 BYC Bellingham Youth Regatta
1–2 CBSA Cowichan Bay Regatta (VIRS 8) (48N Top 25)
1–2 STYC Down the Sound
1–7 CGRA RS Aero World Championship
8 SJIYC Shaw Island Classic
8 SYSCO Dual Bridge Duel–CC Cup
8 SSSS Single Handed Race
9 SSSS Double Handed Race
14–16 AYC Northern Century
15 CYCT 3 Hour Tour #3
15 CYCS Moonlight Race
15 TCYC English Bay Scramble (VARC)
15–16 HOBIE Hobie Race, Skamokawa
15–16 SYC McCurdy Cup Jr. Team Race
16 CYCE Halloween Series #1
22 CYCT Vashon Island Single/Doublehand
22 STYC Single–Handed Race
22 MSA Leukemia Cup at Port Gardner
22–23 RVanYC One Design Regatta
22–23 SYSCO St. Helens Race–Cruise
22–23 HOBIE Northwest Championship, Quinault
22–23 PMYC JAM Regatta
29 BYC Pink Boat Regatta
29 CYCT Windseekers Awards Race
29 VRC Ken–Barbie Doublehanded Race
29–30 SYC Junior Olympics Regatta
30 CYCE Halloween Series #2
30 WVYC Jack & Jill Race
31–3 RVanYC Commodores Cup (LTS Regatta)


September 2020

5 RVicYC 2.4M Interfleet Regatta
5 SYSCO One–Design Race #1
5–6 MBYC Maple Bay Regatta (VIRS 9)
5–6 HOBIE Harrison Regatta
5–6 BYC PITCH (48N Top 25)
5–6 DCYC Deep Cove Regatta (VARC)
5–6 RVanYC Star District 6 Championship
12 MSA Fall Regatta
12 PINK Pink Boat Regatta – Seattle
12 SSSS Fall Series Race #1
12 CYCS Lake Fall Regatta
12 SBYC TransPuget Race
12 CYCT Point Series #1
12 WSCYC Doublehanded Race
12–13 RCYC Long Distance Race
12–13 SSP Oktoberfest
12–13 BYC Dale Jepsen One Design Regatta
13 STYC J & J Race
13 RVicYC Thermopylae Trophy Race
13 CYCE Halloween Series #3
18–20 SNSYC CRASH Regatta (VIRS 10)
19 CYCT/TYC Pink Boat Regatta – Tacoma
19 SSSS Fall Series Race #2
19 NWY SHE Regatta
19 SYSCO One–Design Race #2
19 RVicYC 2.4M Pacific Coast Champs
19–20 BYC Etchells Regatta
19–20 RVanYC One Design Championships
19–20 SYC Ludlow Double Dipper Race
19–20 WVYC Howe Sound Regatta (VARC)
26 SSYC NW Harvest Benefit
26 SSSS Fall Series Race #3
26 PMYC Round the Island Race
26 BYC Governor’s Point Race
26 TTPYC Commodore’s Trophy Race
26 CYCT Point Series #2
26 CYCE Everett Challenge Invitational
26 OWSA Witches and Warlocks Beer Can Race
26 VRC SHAG Singlehanded Race
26–27 CFSA CFSA Regatta (VIRS 11)
26–27 RVicYC Fall Dinghy Champs
26–27 WVYC Fall Stag Race
26–27 AYC S’Ale Fest


October 2020

3 DD Rum Run
3 CYCE Foulweather Bluff (48N Top 25)
3 OIYC Benson Cup
3 RVanYC Fraser River Lightship Race (VARC)
3 SSSS Fall Series Race #4
3–4 PYC Robert A Smith Regatta
3–4 OHYC Scott Cline Memorial Regatta
3–4 CYCS Puget Sound Sailing Championship (Small Boats)
3–4 RVicYC Thermopylae Regatta (VIRS 12)
10 CYCT Memorial Single Handed Race
10–11 CYCS Puget Sound Sailing Championship (Big Boats) (48N Top 25)
11 CYCE Halloween Series #4
17 BYC Marmetta Cup
17 STYC Fall Regatta
17–18 WVYC Pumpkin Regatta
17–18 RVanYC One Design Regatta
18 RVicYC Whitehouse Trophy Race
23–25 SYC Grand Prix Regatta (48N Top 25)
24 SSSS Eagle Island Race
24 CYCT Point Series #3
25 CYCE Halloween Series #5
25 RVicYC Fall Around the Buoys #1
31 BYC Jack Island Race
31 STYC Race Your House
31 OIYC Trick or Treat Regatta


November 2020

1 CYCE Halloween Series #6
1 RVicYC Virtue Cup Trophy Race
7 CYCT Point Series #4
7 SSSS Herron Island Race
7–8 OIYC/FHSC Round the County (48N Top 25)
8 RVicYC Fall Around the Buoys #2
11 VRC Remembrance Day Race
14 WSCYC Fowl Weather Regatta
14–15 CYCS Turkey Bowl
15 RVicYC Fall Long Distance #1
21 GHYC LeMans Race
21 SSSS Squaxin Island Race
21 SBYC Snowbird #1
22 RVicYC Fall Around the Buoys #3
29 RVicYC Fall Long Distance #2


December 2020

5 TYC Winter Vashon SSS #1 (48N Top 25)
6 RVicYC Fall Around the Buoys #4
12 SBYC Snowbird #2
12 SSSS Hope Island Race
13 RVicYC Fall Long Distance #3
26 THSA Rum Race


January 2021

9 TTPYC Duwamish Head SSS #2 (48N Top 25)
16 SBYC Snowbird #3
23 STYC Iceberg Race


Seattle Area Weekday Series 2020

3/11–9/9 AYC Wednesday Keel Boat
4/2–8/6 TTPYC Thursday Series
4/7–9/22 BYC Tuesday Dinghy Series
4/8–8/26 BYC Keelboat Series
4/13 – 8/24 STYC Ballard Cup
4/15–8/26 CYCT Wednesday Series
4/21–9/8 CYCS Lake Tuesday
4/22–9/9 CYCS Lake Wednesday
4/22–9/9 CYCS Sound Wednesday
4/23–9/10 CYCS Sound Thursday
5/5–9/8 Duck Dodge
5/6–8/5 CYCE Summer Series
5/6–8/26 OIYC Beer Can Series
5/29–7/31 WSCYC Six Pack/Casual Friday Series
6/3–8/19 SSSS Wednesday Series
6/5–7/31 STYC Take Your Time Fridays
6/5–8/14 MSA Log Dodge Series
6/5–8/21 Kirkland Summer Sailing Series
6/11–8/13 EBM Downtown Sailing Series
8/7–8/28 SNW Friday Sail Fest
9/4–9/25 WSCYC Fall Evening Series


British Columbia Weekday Series 2020

1/5–3/1 WVYC Snowflake
1/12–3/8 VRC Polar Bear Series
4/22–9/9 WVYC Wednesday Series
4/29–9/9 RVanYC Wednesday Series
9/2 RVicYC Floyd Night
9/9–9/30 RVicYC Wednesday Harvest Moon
10/25–12/6 VRC Polar Bear Series


Portland Area Weekday Series 2020

3/23–9/28 ISC Monday Racing
4/21–8/27 Tuesday/Thursday SYSCO Series
5/16–8/15 Themed Beer Can Series



AYC Anacortes YC
BIYC Bowen Island YC
BRYC Bremerton YC
BYC Bellingham YC
CBSA Cowichan Bay Sailing Association
CFSA Canadian Forces Sailing Association
CGRA Columbia Gorge Racing Association
CWB Center for Wooden Boats
CYCE Corinthian YC of Edmonds
CYCP Corinthian YC of Portland
CYCS Corinthian YC of Seattle
CYCT Corinthian YC of Tacoma
DCYC Deep Cove YC
DD Duck Dodge
EBM Elliott Bay Marina
GHYC Gig Harbor YC
FCYC False Creek YC
FHSC Friday Harbor Sailing Club
HOBIE Hobie Division 4
HRYC Hood River YC
ISC Island Sailing Club
ISSA Interscholastic Sailing Association
MBYC Maple Bay YC
MSA Milltown Sailing Association
NWICSA NW Intercollegiate Sailing
NWISA NW Interscholastic Sailing Assoc.
NWMC NW Maritime Center
NWY Northwest Yachting
NWYRC Northwest Youth Sailing
NYC Nanaimo YC
OHYC Oak Harbor YC
OIYC Orcas Island YC
OWSA Oregon Women’s Sailing Association
OYC Olympia YC
PINK Pink Boat Regatta
PMYC Port Madison YC
POYC Port Orchard YC
PRRW Whidbey Island Race Week
PTSA Port Townsend Sailing Association
PYC Portland YC
PoulsYC Poulsbo Yacht Club
R2AK Race to Alaska
RCYC Rose City YC
RVanYC Royal Vancouver YC
RVicYC Royal Victoria YC
SBYC Shilshole Bay YC
SCYC Schooner Cove YC
SISC Saltspring Island YC
SJIYC San Juan Island YC
SLF Seattle Laser Fleet
SNSYC Sidney North Saanich YC
SNW Sail Northwest
SSP Sail Sand Point
SSS Southern Sound Series
SSSS South Sound Sailing Society
SSYC Seattle Singles YC
STYC Sloop Tavern YC
SYC Seattle YC
SYSCO Small Yacht Sailing Club of OR
TCYC Tiddly Cove YC
THSA Turkey Head Sailing Association
TPYC Transpac Yacht Club
TTPYC Three Tree Point YC
TYC Tacoma YC
VLSC Vancouver Lake Sailing Club
VRC Vancouver Rowing Club
WSCYC West Sound Corinthian YC
WSSA West Sound Sailing Association
WVYC West Vancouver YC

48N Top 25   Qualifying Races for 48° North’s Top 25