The 48° North Cruising Rally in Partnership with Ullman Sails is OFFICIALLY ON for 2021!

AUGUST 1-7, 2021

We’re going, whether you join us or not! (But seriously, join us…) It’s FREE — this one time only!

Don’t know whether you’ve heard, but it’s been hard to plan things over the last year. Especially groupy travely things. So we didn’t. Until now! 48° North and Ullman Sails are going cruising in the San Juans in early August, and we’d love for you to join us.

Past (and future) rallies have had more structure, and thus expense for everyone involved. This will be a uniquely casual affair, so we’re waiving participation fees and saying, “Come one, come all!” for this 2021 edition. We want to see you in the islands doing what we all live for.

At its heart, our cruising rally is about engaging in the joys of PNW cruising in the company of some other wonderful people — and out of it, you get happy memories, interpersonal connections, and often new cruising skills and confidence. Each year that we’ve done this, we hear not only that participants had a great time and made new friends, but that many participants’ comfort and self-assurance while cruising were off the charts after the rally. Some aspects of this year’s rally will be different, but this stuff will be steadfast.

This is a BYOB (bring your own boat) event, or you could look into chartering in the area. We move locations most days (with one or two layovers), so you get to see some different areas of the islands. We encourage anchoring out, and often explore options for rafting up. And as rally organizers, we’re around to answer questions, suggest some fun activity options, and potentially provide assistance in a pinch. Mainly (this year, especially), we’re there to be another boat loving the cruising life just the same as you are.

Each year we’ve done this, we’ve been fortunate to have the partnership, support, and expertise of the Ullman Sails team as a part of our rally. Owner of the West Coast Ullman Sails lofts and Vashon Island native, Chuck Skewes, is our rally co-leader; and sailmaker Vince Townrow has joined for a portion of each rally to date. We are so excited to partner Ullman Sails again this year for some more summer fun!

If you want to learn more about past 48° North cruising rallys, check out this article about first annual Cruising Rally, or some of Joe’s “Rally Reflections” (part 1 and part 2 posted thus far).

WHEN: August 1-7, 2021

WHERE: Anacortes ⇒ San Juan Islands ⇒ Anacortes


Sound Like Fun? RSVP today to

Here are some things participants can expect on the 2021 48° North/Ullman Sails Cruising Rally:

  • Join the fun for a night or the whole week!
  • Think of this as big group buddy boating more than a highly organized or curated event.
  • There will be no sponsored or sanctioned full-group meals or parties.
  • We’ll stay Covid conscious — stay tuned for details.
  • We welcome a variety of experience levels and cruising interests — whether you travel by sail, power, or human effort (paddle/oar).
  • A core principle of the Rally is that we plan to anchor out. You don’t have to, but that’s what we will be doing.
  • Bring a lot of chain and rode (we recommend a combined length of 300 feet) — we like to be able to anchor in deeper water.
  • Itinerary specifics will be posted here on July 1, 2021 (with Plan A and Plan B options).
  • When choosing rally anchorages, we aim to avoid the busiest spots (hopefully).
  • Cruising with others will help you grow your skills and confidence. And it is fun as heck.
  • The beauty of summer in the islands awaits.
  • All your friends are doing it, it’s FREE, and you’re invited!

Itinerary — Coming July 1, 2021!

Questions or to RSVP

We’re here to answer all of your questions about the 48° North Cruising Rally! Send 48N Editor, Joe Cline, an email at

Please RSVP! Though it’s very casual this year, we’d still like you to let us know you intend to join us and will have (a little) paperwork to fill out closer to the rally date.