Sea Feasts of British Columbia

Raising the oars from the water, I let our dinghy ghost ahead into the small cove surrounded by moss covered rocks and tall conifers. A bald eagle wheeled high above the island group and, besides the rustling of water from…

Shifting Gears: How Did We Get Here?

Last summer I was helping my friends Chuck…

Close to the Water: Looping the Island

At 20 miles around, Harstine Island could be circumnavigated with a powerboat in an hour. But freeway speeds yield freeway views: a blur of trees, missed inlets, and a flash of homes. A slower speed suits me better, one that…

Shifting Gears: Local Knowledge

Ever since we’ve had boats that stay in the water, we have kept them moored in Tacoma. Often, we look for a quick weekend getaway or overnight trip close to home, and our favorite spot over the years has been the county park…

The Dreaded Lopez Channel

Making it into Fisherman Bay Takes Patience and a Sing-Song Assist

Marina del Rey to Astoria

Hopping North Up the Coast to Get a Newly Acquired Grand Banks Home

Healing My Sailing Anxiety

How I Learned to Enjoy the Sailing Portion of the Cruising Lifestyle I Love

Close to the Water: A Second Cruise with My Mate

A Second Cruise Brings Border Crossings, Uncertainty, and Lessons Learned.

Rune Sails the Salish Sea

Rune is a 16-foot Pearson Hawk. In July 2023,…

TBT#: Head Out for Some Winter Cruising

From the February 2008 issue of 48°…