Cylindrical boat fenders have been around for decades and they haven’t exactly adapted to meet the needs of modern boat designs and types. From powerboats to sailboats, curved or flat hull shapes and rub rails and toe rails can make it difficult to properly position a fender on your boat. With this dilemma in mind, Mission Outdoors created SENTRY boat fenders, which rest flat against your boat and the dock, and have an integrated strap and cleat system that locks into place without the need to tie a knot. The fenders hug the contours of the hull and don’t roll around, providing reliable protection above or below the rub rail. Made with closed-cell foam, they are lightweight, extremely durable, and are easy to take on and off and stow. Measuring 22-inches by 9-inches by 5.5-inches, SENTRY boat fenders are available in four color options.

Price: $79.99 » www.MissionOutdoor.com


When a problem happens in open water, it is up to you to solve it, and if it’s a leak, you need a reliable solution that temporarily contains it in seconds so a permanent fix can be found. If you need to quickly seal hull impact leaks, accidental punctures, drain leaks, and fuel tank or line pin-hole leaks, most bungs, tapes, putties, or foam plugs aren’t ideal solutions. RuptureSeal Marine Emergency Leak Response Kits allow you to quickly handle leaks even on sharp, jagged, dirty, and uneven surfaces. Deployment of this industrial grade leak sealant is fast and easy, with no additional tools required. Simply compress the silicone pad into the rupture, pull back easily on the handle, and the seal is mechanically fastened in place. RuptureSeal protection lasts for up to 10 hours until a permanent fix can be made and is available in four sizes to address leaks from ⅛-inch to 2-inch by 6-inch holes.

Price: $29.95 » www.RuptureSeal.com

Gill Stealth Timer

Whether you’re racing dinghies or keelboats, Gill’s Stealth Timer is ideal for starts on any race course, and is their most technical timer to date. The Stealth Timer has been designed with a digital compass mode that includes a “Course Shift” feature, allowing the wearer to quickly set a new heading. Offering the clearest definition full dot matrix display, it can be easily read, even in driving rain. Water-resistant up to 50 meters and shock and impact resistant, it has a 50 lap memory, recall lap time, and total time. In addition, the timer comes with four countdown modes, including vibrate mode for a silent countdown. The updated module mount with safety release also prevents accidental release during use. The timer has audible alert sounds and a “Sleep” mode to preserve battery life.

Price: $135.00 » www.GillMarine.com