Mustang Survival’s new MIT 150 Convertible A/M Inflatable PFD is the sole Type II in the successful MIT range. It offers unmatched buoyancy, turning capability, and airway protection and seamlessly switches between manual and automatic inflation modes for versatility in any activity or conditions. Mustang’s exclusive Membrane Inflatable Technology (MIT) and high-tenacity nylon face fabric create a comfortable, lightweight, and flexible fit. You can switch between inflation modes with the easy-to-use “inflater cap”, and the automatic mode deploys when the water-soluble inflator dissolves, while the manual mode activates only when the inflation handle is pulled. The MIT 150 features an impressive 38 pounds of buoyancy, a zippered hip pocket for the converter cap, inflator inspection window and access flap for convenient safety checks, one-fold design for easy packing, and a D-ring for the engine cut off switch.
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It’s no secret that as marine growth accumulates on propeller blades, efficiency is markedly impaired. SEAJET PellerClean from Lewis Marine is the simple, eco-friendly way to keep running gear sparkling clean for up to two years. Biocide-free, PellerClean is safe to apply and won’t contaminate the environment like other products on the market. It includes a zinc chromate-free epoxy primer that provides optimal adhesion and the silicone-based top coating creates an ultra-smooth, ultra-slippery surface that fouling cannot accumulate on. Ideal for propellers, shafts, struts, rudders and trim tabs, it’s equally effective whether used in fresh, brackish, or saltwater. As the vessel is underway, the marine growth simply slips off. For boats that are idle or cruise under five knots, a quick sponging will remove accumulated debris. The Small SEAJET PellerClean Kit comes with cans of primer base, hardener, and clear coat to cover 7.5 square feet. The Big Kit covers 41 sq. ft.
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JBL’s new R3500 marine digital media receiver is a compact, weather-resistant design that stands up to storms, rough weather, spray, sun, and even the occasional spilled beverage. How do they know that? JBL rigorously tests all their marine audio gear to make sure it’s tough enough to survive life in the marine environment. This rugged stereo includes a built-in amplifier that can power up to eight speakers, 4-inch black and white LCD screen, Bluetooth 5.0 for music streaming on a smartphone or other device, AM/FM/Weather Band two-channel, IPX7-rated watertight rating, UV-resistant front panel, rear AUX and USB ports, 2-channel preamp outputs, and a one year warranty. Note: The R3500 marine digital receiver does not play CDs.
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