Southeast Alaska is home to innumerable cruising destinations that beckon to be explored — Warm Springs Bay is near the very top of the list.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been hearing chatter from Washington- and Oregon-based cruisers that the continued US/Canada border closure will not stop them from getting to Alaska this year. In listening to the various routes and ideas that people are considering, and watching the video below, I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite places in Southeast — Baranof Island. Yes, the island is home to Sitka, but it has hundreds of spots to anchor and a gem of a destination on the east side, Warm Springs Bay. The bay is famous for its hot springs and glacially fed alpine lake, and has a dock for transient use if you can get a spot.

Our son Porter casts into Baranof Lake above Warm Springs Bay.

Whether you’re one of those intrepid voyagers planning for an Alaskan cruising adventure this summer or are dreaming about it, this video captures the beauty and soul of the place perfectly…