Every year we put a holiday gift guide together, to help pick out something special for the cruisers and cruisers-to-be on your list. This year, the suggestions have a new source. We send an occasional newsletter to coaching clients, and included in each edition are tips/tricks from Totem for the cruising life. While many are practical guidance, a number of them spurred holiday gift ideas; it’s where most of this year’s gift guide ideas come from. As such it leans toward the utterly practical, but includes the joyfully superfluous as well. Here’s a 2020 guide to surprise your boater.

Splicing kit

Fid assist to create a crown knot

Fids for splicing! It may feel intimidating, but splicing single braid Dyneema is relatively easy and has many great uses onboard. Give it a try with this kit of simple, robust fids.

While you’re at it, get proper scissors for splicing. High modulus line, like Dyneema, is hard to cut and quickly dulls scissors or knives. Enter these snappy scissors: they cut Dyneema like buttah and stay sharp. Why is this important? If it’s hard to cut the line, it’s easy to mess up strand tension, making it harder to splice.

If you’re into knots and splicing at any level beyond the basics,  The Ashley Book of Knots is the one to have. Jamie learned from this as a teenager while working at the Mystic Seaport Museum.

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