The motto of the Sea Scouts is “Always Prepared,” and Ship 226 has demonstrated that they take this credo seriously.

This week, Sea Scout Ship 226 in Everett, Washington, showed their readiness by conducting an early earthquake preparedness drill in anticipation of Washington State’s annual “Shake Out” event, which is scheduled for Thursday, October 19, at 10:19 a.m.

Considering that all Sea Scouts will be in school during the official Shake Out, the decision was made to conduct their drill two days ahead of schedule, on Tuesday, at the Port of Everett Marina. The significance of this early drill, however, goes far beyond just practicing safety protocols.

The Sea Scouts recently received an old Army Surplus generator, which they have been using for hands-on training in diesel engine maintenance and repair. What began as a means to teach mechanical and electrical skills has evolved into a community project. Sea Scout Henry, who was completing his Diesel Maintenance 101 Certification, posed a critical question to the Skipper: “Can this generator be used to provide emergency power to the public after an earthquake?”

Inspired by this question, Sea Scout Ship 226 has now taken on a new role in the community — providing emergency power during extended electrical outages. This initiative is their way of expressing gratitude to the community that has continuously supported their youth-focused programs, including teaching sailing, personal growth, and leadership skills.

Proud Sea Scouts standing next to their Army Emergency Generator at the Port of Everett on Tuesday night during their earthquake preparedness drill.

In light of Washington State’s transition towards an all-electric vehicle landscape, Sea Scout Ship 226 has a vision of offering an emergency charging station, free of charge to the public during extended power outages, whether they result from an earthquake, tsunami, or a Pacific Northwest storm.

To realize this goal, the Sea Scouts are reaching out to the public, Tesla, and potential electrical contractors for assistance in acquiring a universal electric vehicle charging station compatible with their three-phase diesel generators. Donations can also be made to their GoFundMe page to support this cause. For electric vehicle owners, this is a unique opportunity to contribute to the community and ensure access to charging during emergency situations by donating just $25 to the Sea Scout program.

The Sea Scouts want to emphasize that their youth sailing program would not be possible without the generous support of the community. They express their heartfelt gratitude to the Port of Everett, Milltown Sailing Association, IBEW, NECA, Sailrite, Rose Point Navigation Software, Port Townsend Sails, 48° North magazine, Radio Teck “Kiss-SSB,” and their Friends of Ship 226, including Scott, Coby, Dustin, Rhett at DES, and Marine Surveyor Paul Van Slyck.

Sea Scout Ship 226 is not only “Always Prepared” but is also exemplifying the spirit of giving back to the community in their own unique and indispensable way. Sea Scout Ship 226 is a 501c3 Non-Profit.