The long awaited official announcement is in — this year’s Duck Dodge Rum Run will be held on November 5th.

Yes, the date is a little later in the year than desired, but it’s the only day that will work without overlapping with other major races on Puget Sound. This time of year brings heavier winds and heavier seas. Remember that sailing with the Duck Dodge Rum Run is voluntary and the safety of your crew and your boat are your responsibility. 

The start line will be between the Committee Boat and the white race mark outside of the Shilshole breakwater. They will have two marks on the east side of the shipping lane, Meadow Point and West Point, and we will have an upwind start to the first mark, downwind to the second mark, and a reach across the sound to Port Madison. The finish line will be between the committee boat (off of Point Monroe) and a bearing directly north, extending approximately 100 yards.

There will be 4 starts:

First – Fast, racy race boats

Second – Fastish and skilled sailors

Third – Slower boats flying spinnakers

Fourth – Slower boats NOT flying spinnakers

There is no dingy start. 

The normal Duck Dodge third start is split into FS and NFS for this race. Don’t start in 4th and fly a kite! The raft up is in Port Madison, but remember that days are short this time of year. Plan your trip back across accordingly and make sure your nav lights are legal.


You will be crossing the Vessel Traffic System (VTS) lanes for this race. Commercial traffic has right of way, no matter what. If you get five horns for being in the way of commercial traffic, you will be AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED. Disobeying this may also result in revocation of our future permits. Don’t mess this up.

On the water communications will be handled over VHF channel 72. It is wise to also monitor 16 (USCG) and 14 (VTS).