In this interview with Chuck Skewes, we discuss specific criteria to create enjoyable first offshore experiences.

The allure of the ocean is inescapable for many sailors. Yet for those considering their first foray offshore, it can be challenging to know what to prioritize to ensure the best possible experience.

Chuck Skewes has a ton of knowledge offer on the topic and, as he likes to say, “I’m one of the lucky people who sails more miles each year than I drive on my car.” Chuck grew up on Vashon Island, and has gone onto a successful career as a professional sailor, sailmaker, and is now owner of three West Coast Ullman Sails lofts including Ullman Sails Pacific Northwest. As a pro sailor, Chuck has specialized in ocean racing in recent years. When he’s not racing, Chuck is very involved with sharing the love of sailing during cruising rally events, including the 48° North Cruising Rally (he’s a co-founder and a co-leader of this event) and the Baja Ha Ha.

Needless to say, Chuck’s significant sea time gives him an informed frame of reference. More importantly, he is an excellent and generous teacher, during ocean sailing adventures and ashore. This has been on full display recently. Chuck and the Ullman team have been tirelessly putting up twice-weekly webinars. They are excellent and free for everyone—a gift and service to sailing and sailors.

Enjoy this interview with Chuck!