Now ready to stream nationally from the warm and dry comfort of home, the Race to Alaska movie captures the spirit of this wild adventure up the Inside Passage.

Called “The best worst idea”, this is the true story of the Race to Alaska, the wildly challenging 750-mile engineless boat race from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska using only wind or human power. Racing through one of the most complex waterways in the world, amateur adventurers face 15 knot currents, gale force winds, cold water, deep water, whirlpools, logs, bears, chilly temperatures, fatigue, and endless unknowns.

The prize for first place? Ten grand nailed to a log. The prize for second? A set of steak knives. For third? The satisfaction of finishing…

Directed by Seattle-raised Zach Carver, The Race to Alaska documentary explores the extreme and impressive individuals who accepted this utterly unique challenge with jaw-dropping camera footage and a surprising amount of humor. From the quirky to the sublime, from Olympic athletes to high schoolers, the characters in this film show that there’s no one way to do the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

Mixing raw, first-person footage with vast aerials and in-depth interviews, it tells the story of the race’s improbable inception and the epic journey of those who answer its call. From an all-female team, to the laid back, reggae-inspired “Bunny Whaler” crew, to the stubbornly solo stand-up paddler, you’ll be on the edge of your seat rooting for these unlikely heroes.

Watch the trailer:

Running Time: 98 mins  |  Unrated
Directed by Zach Carver
Presented by Blimp in association with Untethered Productions