Boatasy RopeCleaner

In the “work smarter not harder” category, Boatasy’s new RopeCleaner is the ideal tool for cleaning muddy and barnacle encrusted lines — especially mooring lines that stay submerged. Made of 316 stainless steel with an ergonomic handle, the tool’s metal spiral section has sharpened inner parts, which efficiently cuts and removes various shells and algae. Simply twist the Ropecleaner onto the line and apply pressure while scraping up and down. Without causing damage to lines, it quickly breaks down and removes the overgrown and dirty parts, leaving your ropes and lines looking new.

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BAY DOG Narragansett Bay Dog Jackets

Perfect for spring storms in the Pacific Northwest by insulating your dog from rain, snow, or cold winds aboard your boat or around the marina, the Narragansett Bay Sailing Jacket is designed to protect your dog without overheating them. The unique Bay Dog design is water and wind resistant, yet breathable and comfortable. Its form-fitting comfort makes it a great choice for long trips on the water or a damp evening stroll around the harbor. Features include reflective piping for nighttime visibility, a pocket for waste bags or treats, waterproof two-way zippers, fleece lined neck with quarter zip, breathable mesh interior, and optional rear leg elastics. The jacket comes in red or blue, and a variety of sizes are available.

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Roll-up Emergency VHF Antenna

Historically, emergency VHF systems had a short and stubby antenna that limited range when you would need it most, but they were easy to store. Revolve-Tec has solved the problem with their new roll-up Emergency VHF Antenna. Using the proven “Rolatube” design — which was developed for and is in use by the military — the patented design integrates a high-performance antenna into the rollable composite material, removing the need for separate mast and antenna units. Just unroll the antenna, connect it to your radio and start transmitting. The antenna is over 8 feet tall when unrolled, it is ultralight, compact, and has a high-visibility cover with an integrated SOLAS approved LED strobe for location assistance. It comes in a waterproof, roll-top bag for easy storage.

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