SEA-Snap™ Snap Shackle

Snap shackles have long been an important piece of gear aboard our sailboats, with a variety of stainless steel and soft options on the market. Looking to offer something that is easier to use than conventional carabiners, snap-hooks, and shackles, SEA-Snap is a single-handed, high-load connector for coastal or offshore use. Designed with a 5:1 safety factor, SEA-Snap instantly takes hold and will not release under load. For highly dynamic or long-term connections on a metal fitting or line, the shackle has an integrated locking pin to ensure accidental disconnection does not occur. When you want to disconnect it, simply use one hand to disengage. The SEA-Snap comes in four color-coded sizes — 5, 10, 12.7, and 16mm.
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Garmin GC 100 Wireless Camera

It seems that small cameras can be placed anywhere these days, so why not on our boats? Garmin’s new GC 100 is a compact marine camera that wirelessly streams video to any chartplotter on your boat’s network. Effective in lighted spaces or total darkness — perfect for the engine room — the camera can help you monitor areas inside and around your boat, providing added security and practical awareness. The durable, compact design of the camera, weatherproof housing and its secure mounting bracket provide flexible options for placement nearly anywhere you want it. Installation is not complicated and you can pair up to seven cameras with your chartplotter and view content from up to four cameras simultaneously.

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Tiwal 3R Portable Sailboat

The Tiwal 3R is the latest addition to the successful Tiwal inflatable sailboat range. Basically a supercharged version of their prior family-friendly sailboats, the new 3R offers better overall performance in a package that can be stored in three bags with a total weight of 121 pounds. Easy to assemble in 25 minutes or less, it can be packed into the trunk of a car or in a large storage compartment on a cruising sailboat. Two years of development has culminated in a boat that was given a new rig and blades, and a modified hull shape. Increased rigidity in the inflatable hull, an aluminum exoskeleton, laminated sails from North, and the 90% percent carbon mast and boom all contribute to the boat’s enhanced responsiveness and performance. With the sheet and tiller in easy reach and a capacity of 440 pounds, the 3R can be singlehanded, sailed by two adults, or with one adult and two kids.

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