Fujinon TS-X 1440 Binoculars

Fujifilm has continually used its optical and mechanical design technologies to develop high-performance and high-quality binoculars for day-to-day use. The TS-X 1440 is its latest product, which features an image-stabilizing function and an advanced level of light-gathering power. The Fujifilm unique EBC multicoating is applied to control flare, ghosting, and chromatic aberration while enhancing light transmittance to provide a bright, clear view. Moisture-resistant construction, combined with a stylish, easy-to-hold design, makes the binoculars easy to use and highly reliable. Slip-resistant rubber coats the entire body, so users can enjoy a firm grip with one or two hands. The binoculars’ floating design and water- and fog-proof seals make them perfect for on-the-water use.
Price: $1,500 » www.fujifilm.com


Temo 450 Electric Outboard

This innovative and award-winning electric outboard is perfect for those with small, rigid or inflatable dinghies who don’t want a cumbersome gas or electric engine. The size of a rowing oar, the Temo 450 extends from a length of 4-feet 3-inches to 5-feet 6-inches and contains a 290W lithium-ion battery pack and 450W brushless electric motor. Powering a three-bladed 6.7-inch propeller and generating up to 26.4 pounds of static thrust, it can move a tender weighing up to 1,100 pounds (roughly the size of a light inflatable with three people aboard) for up to 80 minutes at a moderate speed. Forward and reverse gears are controlled by a simple ergonomic trigger integrated into the oar’s handle, and the entire unit weighs less than 11 pounds. The battery can be fully charged in about three hours with a 12V or 220V connection. Built in France, the Temo is designed to be operated at an optimal angle of 30 degrees and mounts on a simple oarlock socket on the transom. Available accessories include a carrying case and special locking “handcuffs” for securing the motor when not in use.
Price: $1,690 » www.temofrance.com


Robship Anchor Rode Markers

Simple yet incredibly functional, anchor rode markers can mean the difference between a properly set anchor and one that has the potential to drag. Robship’s new durable three-strand rope line markers allow you to keep track of exactly how much rode you’re putting out while setting anchor. Easy to install, the markers are available in two types with different ways to secure them: with and without tabs. The version with tabs has a small PVC patch welded in the center of the mark. After putting the mark through the strand, you can fix it by sandwiching it with the patch — so you only have to lace it through one rope strand. The version without tabs doesn’t have the PVC patch and requires lacing it through the rope twice. While this is an extra step, the marker will bite into the rope and pull tight. The green, red, and yellow markers include numbers 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240, and 270.
Price: $9.99 » www.robship.com