When the anchor was set, I scrambled to get the dinghy off the foredeck and Yahtzee switched from offshore mode back to cruising mode. We’d just made landfall after four days crossing the Gulf of Alaska and Goddard Hot Springs was calling. Our crew had certainly earned a good soak.

The crew of Arctic Monkey was hot on our heels and for the next day and half our two families shared tubs, meals and cocktails aboard, and lots of laughter while swapping stories from the crossing. With no real reason to be in Sitka for a few more days, we then moved on to nearby Kidney Cove to continue the fun. Hot dogs and s’mores were gobbled up quickly at our beach fire and fast dinghy rides around the calm anchorage were a hit.

From there began a gorgeous stretch of sunshine and warmth that definitely isn’t associated with Southeast Alaska. We found warm water in Leesoffskaia Bay and literally spent three days rafted up, swimming and fishing. The water was 71 degrees and the air temp hovered in mid-70s, which meant the kids were in the water for most of each day. I was even able to scrub Yahtzee’s waterline and rudder without a wetsuit on. For a change of pace, we then moved over to nearby Samsing Cove where we found great beach combing and a bounty of blueberries for pancakes.

Being back in the cruising lifestyle and pace is certainly suiting all of us quite well. Pictures of the fun probably do it justice better than my words, though, so enjoy the eye candy!