A bit over a year ago, I made the decision to switch from a sailboat to a power boat, and a few months after that, ended up selling Grace and purchasing Rendezvous. In the full year since I’ve owned her, here’s how things have fallen out…

The Stats

I purchased Rendezvous at the beginning of November 2018, and brought her back from Anacortes to Seattle single-handed (on a new boat!) in not-so-good weather, with a quick stop in Port Ludlow for the night.

I put around 220 hours on the engines this year, and around 170 hours on the generator. That is considerably more than I put on Grace the last two years I owned her, and I motored her at least 90% of the time.

I started taking trips on Rendezvous only weeks after purchasing her, with several in the winter months including Boat exploration, a shock and a fire and Poulsbo and Bainbridge snow adventure plus a lot of far calmer multi-day trips.

There was a trip up to Friday Harbor early in the season, and then many day trips and overnight trips with friends, family and work folks.

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