Anchor Marine recently announced their collaboration with the Community Boating Program as a key sponsor for 2024.

The Community Boating Program, located in the Port Angeles Boat Haven Marina and serving Clallam County, is on a mission to provide access to boating opportunities to youth and adults on the Olympic Peninsula. This strategic partnership highlights the shared values and synergies between the two organizations, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to supporting the boating community. 

Anchor Marine, a distinguished veteran-owned marine service company, excels in the repair and maintenance of boat engines and vessels, ensuring a swift return to the water for boaters. With a team comprised of passionate boaters and former commercial fishermen, Anchor Marine deeply understands the significance of boat ownership and the meticulous preparations necessary to keep vessels operational, especially for those relying on their boats for livelihoods. 

The Community Boating Program is a 501c3 Public Charity dedicated to education and the promotion of water recreation. This organization complements Anchor Marine’s efforts by striving to educate boaters and foster a love for boating, emphasizing responsible water recreation. 

“Our collaboration with the Community Boating Program is rooted in a shared passion for boating and a commitment to supporting the diverse needs of the boating community,” said Julie Cook, Chief Operating Officer at Anchor Marine. “While Anchor Marine focuses on the practical aspects of getting boats back on the water, the Community Boating Program enriches the boating experience by providing education and promoting responsible water recreation. Together, we create a synergistic partnership that covers the entire spectrum of boating needs.” 

The Community Boating Program’s full calendar of sailing summer camps, youth racing teams, adult lessons, women’s programs, and sailboat charters aims to instill a love for boating and promote responsible water recreation. These goals align seamlessly with Anchor Marine’s commitment to boating excellence. 

The partnership between Anchor Marine and the Community Boating Program signifies a shared dedication to promoting maritime education, fostering a deeper appreciation for local waters, and creating lasting positive impacts within the community. This collaboration not only enhances the practical aspects of boating but also contributes to the educational and recreational dimensions, creating a well-rounded support system for the boating community.