Puget Sound Cruising Club’s annual Memorial Day weekend event joins forces with other area clubs. More friends and more fun!

Ah, Memorial Day on Puget Sound… Few weekends get more cruisers excited! All across the region, overloaded dock carts will be trundling down gangways, dock lines will be shaken from their stiffened winter positions, and cruisers will set off for some lovely early season adventures.

While options abound for cruising as individual vessels or buddy boats, perhaps a group cruise suits your fancy. You could do no better than joining the fun organized by Puget Sound Cruising Club (PSCC) over the holiday weekend. This year, PSCC is partnering with two Seattle Clubs to expand the group, and they were happy to get the word out to 48° North readers who might be interested in participating too. We applaud inter-club community collaborations like this, and hope it inspires others to explore something similar!

Read on for some details, and please get in contact with PSCC if you are interested in learning more or attending their cruise to Mystery Bay on Marrowstone Island.

Here are the details about this event from PSCC:

This will be a joint cruising event with Sloop Tavern Yacht Club (STYC) and Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle (CYC) from May 27 – 29 to go to Mystery Bay State Park on Marrowstone Island. A few years ago, we did this with CYC Seattle. This year we will have three great clubs participating.

Some of the organized activities for this event are:

  • Saturday, May 27: evening welcome happy hour
  • Sunday, May 28:
    • Mystery Bay goat farm tour
    • Nordland tractor parade
    • Marrowstone winery tour (transportation help needed)
    • Human powered craft race (tender, paddle board, kayak, canoe – almost anything without a sail or a motor is fair game). There may be prizes for the race.
    • Potluck BBQ
  • Monday, May 29: open / departure day.

All boats can anchor and/or raft up, or use a state park buoy. It is also possible to drive over for this event. We are looking for 1-2 vehicles to help with winery transport.

Friday night option Port Ludlow.

Please fly your PSCC burgee. If you are in more than one club, fly all your burgees. Please monitor VHF 69 for the cruise.

The cruise leader for this cruise is Greg on SV Bardo. If you have any questions or would like to join the fun, please contact Greg via the PSCC contact form

Learn more at pugetsoundcruisingclub.org