The R2AK team is at it again, giving fans a deeper, podcast-ier window into the lives, perspectives, and personalities of 2024’s slate of racers.

Whether you’re a casual fan or an enthusiast who wears out your mouse button or data plan refreshing the tracker during the June run from Port Townsend to Ketchikan, there’s something fun and new from R2AK-land prior to this year’s big event. The R2AK crew is now putting out a regular podcast for your listening pleasure and to keep the stoke-meter in the red. Here’s what they have to say about it: 

Once again, we have failed to convince anybody that racing to Alaska is a miserable, cold, and potentially marriage-ending way to spend several weeks in June. We keep trying, and we keep failing. In fact, the pool of hopeful racers putting in their bid to be amongst the 2024 cohort continues to grow and we decided that we need to hear from them exactly how they told their 9-year-old why daddy won’t be home to celebrate Flag Day with them.

And so, we present another distraction from your real-world responsibilities: The Race to Alaska Podcast. Each week (don’t hold us to that schedule) we’ll introduce you to another batch of future-tracker-icons so that perhaps we can all judge their life choices more effectively.  

Six episodes are already live and include interviews conducted by Race Boss Jesse Wiegel, R2AK superstar sailor Nikki Henderson, Race Boss Emeritus Daniel Evans, and R2AK co-creator Jake Beattie. In the episodes currently available, you’ll meet this year’s Ketchikan-bound teams: Roscoe Pickle Train, Bonesaw’s Revenge Rising, Juvenile Delinquents, SKOFTIG, Hornblower, Bowen Arrow, Kuaka, Orca, Tips Up, Sail Like a Mother, Narrows Minded, and Spirit of Nevetz. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, as well as a direct direct download at the link below. Have fun getting to know this year’s soon-to-be legends!


Title background image of the 2023 R2AK start by Joe Cline.