At The Artful Sailor’s loft in Port Townsend, a unique and inspiring presentation will take place on February 18, 2024.

Lovers of sea tales, pacifism, commitment, and oceangoing wooden sailboats are sure to enjoy a special evening of story telling and sharing at Port Townsend’s The Artful Sailor (410 Washington Street) on February 18. Taking place from 6pm-8pm, attendees will learn about The Golden Rule. Here’s Artful Sailor’s press release with some details:

In the annals of nautical heroism and conviction, what can possibly rival the 1958 attempt of four tough, able, and dedicated pacifists to sail The Golden Rule, a 34-foot wooden ketch, into the grounds of imminent, nuclear bomb tests at Eniwetok, in the Marshall Islands? The crew’s story, trials, and dedication evokes awe, compassion, and respect for peacemaking under sail as well as a deeper understanding of nuclear proliferation and warfare. This coming summer and fall, the Golden Rule, still plying the waters for peace, will be sailing the Salish Sea again.

In the warmth and safety of The Artful Sailor’s sail loft, experience the Golden Rule’s passionate past voyages, restoration, present, and future voyages through the eyes and imagery of Veterans For Peace presenter and Golden Rule crew member, Zoe Byrd. The Sea Tales on a Winter’s Eve event will be on Sunday, February 18, 2024 at 6:00 pm. A $20 donation is encouraged. Proceeds will go to The Veterans for Peace Golden Rule Project, where the primary goal is to promote nuclear disarmament and peace. Contact Pami-Sue Alvarado for more details: (360) 344-8120. 

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