Onward! The Northwest Maritime Center moves forward with plans to grow their campus and reach more students and community members.

With a need to expand their campus for growing programs and engaging more students, the Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC) in Port Townsend recently announced two pieces of big news: the eventual plan for a Community Classroom constructed on a newly-leased adjacent lot, and the immediate purchase of the Swan Hotel. 

In mid-June, the NWMC got the green light for a 30-year lease of the vacant lot across the street from the main campus for the construction of a community classroom. Though there is a need for more space, the plan will take time; NWMC executive director Jake Beattie acknowledged, “We have no near term plans for developing the property, but in due time we will be working to create program and classroom space to relieve some of the space pressure on our existing campus.”

An artist’s rendering showing the Swan Hotel, future classroom space, and the Northwest Maritime Center.

The bigger news is that of NWMC’s purchase of the Swan Hotel. The Swan is a picturesque, 13-room boutique hotel located on Water Street across from the NWMC that provides space for growth straight away. Obtaining both properties is part of NWMC’s short- and long-term strategy to not only have more space, but to also provide a reliable revenue stream, the opportunity for more programs, and a seamless customer experience to educate more students who may be visiting from out of town.  

In purchasing and operating the hotel, and in securing a site for a new community classroom, the overall goal for the NWMC is to create a fully integrated campus that animates and anchors downtown Port Townsend, increases off-season educational tourism, and supports the center’s many classes and events. More info at nwmaritime.org.