The global celebration of sailing — Summer Sailstice — turns 21 tomorrow! Here are a few ways to participate and share the sailstice love. 

In addition to being a new federal holiday in the United States (Juneteenth – Freedom Day, commemorating the end of slavery in America), sailors from around the world will raise their sails on Saturday, June 19 to celebrate the 21st annual Summer Sailstice SAILabration. Go on your own, bring friends and neighbors, tell others on your dock to join… just get out there celebraate!

Weather in Seattle couldn’t be much more perfect for it with the best breeze of the day in the late afternoon and early evening. Plus, with the sun setting after 9:00 p.m. you can head out in the afternoon, have a nice long sail, and still be home before dark!  

If you have not put in your plans, it is not too late, there is no better time to sail that when you will be joining so many others who share your passion! Put your dot on the map and let the world know where you will be sailing this weekend! If you have signed up and are ready to go, here are some ways you can connect with others to share your Sailstice.

Share Your Sailstice:

Post your photos to Instagram and Facebook and be sure to us the tag #summersailstice
Tag Sailstice in your stories so they can share your day of sailing in real-time.
Sailties has made a thread for Summer Sailstice and provided a direct download link for their app. If you haven’t tried Sailties, it’s a new sailing app that allows you to share your sailing track, photos, etc, and collaborate with crew. It has not hit the app store yet, so you will need the link to download it.
After your sail, email Sailstice all of your photos and videos so they can share them in their wrap-up blog posts and email newsletters!
Don’t forget about the contests. All of the contests this year will be submitted directly through the Sailstice website. Check out the contests and plan your submissions so you can make the most of the longest sailing day of the year!!


Find events in the PNW, or ADD YOUR OWN, by clicking on the map below: