Our favorite cruising guides for the Pacific Northwest just got a makeover. Check out what’s new with the Salish Sea Pilot…

Reworking our Salish Sea Pilot guides has been a delightful obsession since the summer.

Overhauling our Salish Sea Pilot cruising guides in time for the boat show season has been a wild ride. We have worked some crazy long hours, not only making the usual updates to marina and anchorage coverage, but also redesigning and rewiring the five editions.
Everything has taken a backseat to this. Our blogging fell off a cliff. Cruising suffered. In-laws ate alone.
Why the change? Cruisers who use our guides have been very kind with us, and helpful in the extreme, but every once in a while someone will note that perhaps the pages didn’t fit their laptop the same way they fit their tablet or phone. Or they sometimes got confused or had difficulty moving around when using a page that had two, sometimes three, anchorages.

Chartlet from Salish Sea Pilot’s Cruising Guide to the Gulf Islands. Not to be used for navigation.

So we shifted the orientation of our pages to landscape, so not only would they better present on tablets and big-screen phones, they would also better fit laptop screens which so many cruisers use for navigation.