The 2022 Pacific Cup from San Francisco to Hawaii has begun and there are 17 boats representing the PNW.

We’re not sure about past years, but that is a lot of racers from the Salish Sea joining the “Fun Race to Hawaii”. The race start was staggered from July 4-8 and after the first fleets made it out of the Golden Gate into relatively light winds, the conditions have improved.

The race typically takes anywhere from a record-setting six days to a somewhat leisurely 17 days to finish. Most racers finish in 10 to 14 days. The finish is off the windy north coast of Oahu, near Kaneohe Bay. It’s anyone’s guess at this point because the usually robust North Pacific High is missing in action, which means the teams are try to get south to find the trade winds. We shall see!

Dash and Raku, from Orcas Island, lead the way to the start. Photo courtesy of the Pac Cup Facebook page and Harold Marsh.

Here’s the list of Pac Cup entrants from the PNW (apologies if we’ve missed someone), with the smallest being the Dogpatch 26 Moonshine and the largest being the Wylie 70, Rage. You can follow the fleet by downloading the Yellow Brick tracking app to your smartphone or tablet and the Pac Cup’s Facebook page.

Alternate Reality – Express 27 – Seattle

Blue – Riptide 41 – Anacortes 

Zvi – R/P 55 – Seattle

The Boss – J/35 Brownsville, WA

Such Fast – 1D35 Seattle

Shadow II – TP52 Vancouver, BC

Raku – J/111 – Orcas Island

Rage – Wylie 70 – Portland, OR

Moonshine – Dogpatch 26 – Seattle

Mist – TP52 – Seattle 

Mako – Sydney 38 – Olympia 

Lodos – J/111 – Seattle

Hamachi – J/125 – Seattle

Freja – Aerodyne 42 – Seattle

Free Bowl of Soup – J/105 – Portland, OR

Escape Artist – J/105 – Portland, OR

Dash – J/99 – Orcas Island