Highly anticipated each year, our Seattle Area Racing Calendar (SARC) comes out with the January issue of 48° North and is released online at the same time. We know you’ve been waiting… and today’s the day for SARC 2022!

Great news, Pacific Northwest sailboat racers, 2022 SARC is here! Check out the SARC in print (distribution of the January issue and printed SARC begins this afternoon), or here at 48north.com/sarc. On the digital SARC page here at 48north.com, you can view the information either as the the magazine viewer (PDF recreation) or in the running events calendar widget further down the page.

We say it each year, but we are humbled and incredibly grateful for the partnership of the hundreds of people who help us make the SARC possible each year. The first group are the race organizers and yacht club employees or volunteers around the region — they work with us throughout the fall and holiday season to lock their dates in and help us make sure we’ve got them correct. The second, of course, is our presenting sponsor, PTR Rigging and Spars, and all of our advertisers in the SARC — they all support the racing community, so please support them in 2022!

Without further adieu, please go check out the 2022 SARC and start making plans for a great year of boat racing!

Title background photo, and all SARC photos are courtesy of the amazing Jan Anderson.