No matter the season in the Salish Sea, having a high quality boot to wear on deck and ashore is essential. Grundens new slip-resistant certified, commercial-grade Tough Seas Ankle Boots are ideal whether you work on the sea or in a boatyard, or are cruising the Inside Passage. These Chelsea-style boots feature a HeiQ Fresh Anti-Odor lining and SmartTemp thermo-regulating lining finish, 100% waterproof construction, and a triple-layered and textured toe and heel for extended durability and ruggedness. Compression-molded EVA midsoles with heel stabilizer provide all-day comfort and support, and the razor-siped waterproof outsole with tread is designed for maximum surface contact and wet deck traction.

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The brainchild of a passionate sailor and chemical engineer based in Vancouver, B.C., this new gelcoat repair kit is designed to quickly and easily fill hairline and spider cracks on your boat without the need to sand. Cracks can be filled in minutes, using everyday equipment and supplies and curing takes 24 hours, after which your boat is ready for use. The gelcoat repair kit delivers superior adhesion to your boat’s fiberglass and gelcoat, and creates a hard finish that cannot be washed off, stands up to pressure washing just 24 hours later, and resists yellowing (UV resistance) from sun. Boatsmartz’s crack filling system is based on a two-step “seal and fill process” utilizing nano-particles that are able to completely fill the hairline crack. You can fill cracks above and below the waterline, and it does not dry too quickly, giving you time to work it into the crack before it starts to cure. The product comes in two sizes, a mini kit and a maxi kit.

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Marine safety equipment manufacturer, Daniamant, recently introduced their new ODEO SOS Flare to their range of electronic visual distress signals (eVDS). The ODEO SOS is certified to meet US Coast Guard requirements, which means it can be used instead of pyrotechnic flares in some countries (USA, Tasmania, Australia, and Finland). The light provides a high intensity internationally recognised SOS morse signal, ideal for sailors, maritime professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts. Utilizing powerful LED lighting technology, the ODEO offers enhanced visibility via an impressive 2500cd peak equivalent output, ensuring that distress signals are easily spotted, even in challenging conditions and low visibility environments. Its user-friendly, ergonomic design and intuitive controls make it easy to use, allowing boaters to activate the distress signal quickly and efficiently, even in high-pressure situations with cold gloved hands. The unit is waterproof to 5 meters and has been tested at depths of 50 meters, and its lithium battery lasts up to 9 hours.

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