Perfect weather, great sailing, new friends and orcas have punctuated this annual week of cruising in company!

We’re currently on the last full day of the 2022 48° North-Ullman Sails Cruising Rally in the gorgeous San Juan Islands. As I type this from the nav desk anchored off of Spencer’s Spit, the sun it rising and crews are waking up to another day of blue sky. We started this year’s group cruise in Friday Harbor on Sunday night July 31 with a meet and greet at San Juan Island Brewing Co. From there, the first stop was a raft up with all eight of our participating boats in the corner of Jones Island’s north cove. Yes, you can fit that many boats in there!

Seven of our eight boats rafted at Jones Island.

After Jones it was a lazy sail up to Sucia for another raft up in Fox Cove. The evening was ideal — calm and relaxing, as cruising should be. As happens though, an unpredictably strong breeze kicked up in the early morning and, for safety sake, we broke up the raft and headed out to use the breeze for some sailing.

Sunset from Fox Cove.

The next stop was Blind Bay for what we thought would be a windy night but, alas, the wind stalled and we enjoyed mirror like conditions. It was perfect for a much needed good night’s sleep at anchor!

From Blind Bay, some crews made a pit stop back in Friday Harbor and then we rendezvoused at Spencer Spit. For happy hour, we all gathered in the small cabin on the end of the spit to learn and practice knot tying while sharing stories and a few beverages.

A beautiful evening at Spencer’s Spit.

There’s only one day left, but please bring your boat and crew and join us next year!