We had originally planned to take Cambria over to Blake Island.  42 feet long, two staterooms, two heads, a large salon with a Dickerson Antarctic diesel heater that bathes the entire boat with delicious heat.  Between that and a covered cockpit, Cambria is made for winter cruising. Perfect for the 5th Annual Sloop Tavern Yacht Club January Blake island cruise.

Except for the pesky raw water pump which had been ordered, but hadn’t yet arrived. Cambria was disabled until it was replaced.

Leigh and I both independently came up with the idea to kayak over.  The party was too good to miss. Great people, great location and that party seems to kick off the cruising year for us.  The tandem is a virtual station wagon and the weather looked ok for paddling Saturday and Sunday with a wind event sandwiched between the paddling times. Steady rain and steady wind would have deterred us, but we could deal with a mix of weather and as it turned out, the weather as a bit better than our expectations. What’s so special about this particular cruise? The people.