We wanted to be able to increase the time between charging the house bank while away from the dock. After some research, we decided to add a solar charging system for the boat.
First, a bit of background: We do not have an “on-board” generator. We use a small 2000W portable when needed. It works but we hate the noise and in quiet anchorages we feel guilty that we have to run it. So in most cases we don’t.
We have 8  6-Volt Golf Cart Batteries in the house bank. They are US Battery 2200’s
Here is the link to the electrical upgrade we did a few years ago.
After some research and discussion with a few friends that added solar we set out to design and install a system.
We do not have a place on the boat to permanently mount the panels so we decided to look at panels that we could temporarily place up on the Bimini when we need solar charging.
After some price and brand shopping, we purchased 4 -100 Watt Flexible panels from  Amray Solar
These are Sunpower panels and flexible but not “roll up flexible”