It seems it has been yet another long, wet, and windy winter, and with the appropriate dose of frustration I admit that I haven’t had my boat out of the slip since October.  I generally manage to get away a few times during the winter, but this year I blame the unfavorable weather which aligned with my available time.
This past weekend, though, I was thrilled when the forecast meshed with my calendar, and I was able to shove off – even if just for an overnighter.
Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island is an easy getaway, only about nine miles from my slip in Anacortes.  I’ve always believed that you need not go far to get away, and this quick trip was a reminder that you don’t have be gone very long either to enjoy an opportunity to escape for a bit.
Located in the Cypress Island Natural Resources Conservation Area, Eagle Harbor is a quiet harbor nestled into the eastern shore of Cypress Island.  For more information check out the Department of Natural Resources Cypress Island Natural Resources Conservation Area page.
I hope you enjoy my latest video from my recent visit.  Thanks for watching!