Thanks for watching the Portage Pram live stream!

As part of the Northwest Maritime Center’s array of maritime classes and programs, they live streamed a Portage Pram build. This class has ended and the videos are no longer available. Visit their website to learn more about future online learning opportunities.


Portage Pram Live Stream Build with the Northwest Maritime Center

May 23-25 & 29-31, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

As part of the Northwest Maritime Center’s array of maritime classes and programs, they’re live streaming a Portage Pram build. You can watch the live build right here.

Live stream begins each day at 10 AM

Re-watch Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 here.

About the Portage Pram

“She does indeed track like a mine cart. Nice job getting this Pram kit together!”
–Derek Gries

The ultralight plywood Portage Pram is based on a much heavier traditional plank-on-frame pram designed back in the 1970s that consistently received rave reviews—both for its directional tracking and its smooth carry between oar strokes. The new Portage Prams maintain these virtues, but feature an incredible weight-to-capacity ratio, as the finished boats only weigh 35 pounds, but can comfortably carry two adults and gear.

Portage Prams have a number of unique features, including a long fore-and-aft bench seat (instead of the usual thwart) which, when combined with four different oarlock positions, allows for good trim regardless of size of crew or load.

Prefect for rowing, fishing, or towing (or stowing on deck) as a tender behind your larger boat—the versatile Portage Pram is likely to get more use than any boat you’ve owned. There’s even a sailing add-on kit in the works.

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