We recently came across this interesting article in the Seattle Times about live-aboard life in Seattle. With the city’s ever-climbing housing prices, boats are a more viable option than ever. From a boater’s perspective, though, “can people actually live cheaper aboard a boat?”

Wannabe boat dwellers are waiting up to three years for a spot in Ballard’s Shilshole Marina. Port of Seattle officials say they can’t remember when the waitlist was longer. But can people actually live cheaper aboard a boat?
For months, Elea Acheson heard the rustling of an intruder.
She was pregnant and alone in a new neighborhood, her fiancé often away on business. She’d throw open a window or rush to the door — and find no one.
She even told family members the late-night prowler must be a ghost.
Finally, she caught the trespasser in the act — on the stern of her boat.
“Whoosh. Whoosh!”
A mischievous neighbor harbor seal was breaching into the bay. The seal had apparently taken to flopping onto the swim steps of Acheson’s liveaboard vessel to bask in starlight.
Such is life when a boat is home at Shilshole Marina, in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, where living aboard has its own peculiar joys and (mostly damp, cold and cramped) hardships.

Elea Acheson, carrying daughter LiLi, greets dock captain Ned Kohlhauff on the gangway. Acheson recognizes the sacrifices of living on a boat. For instance, late in her pregnancy, she could not use the boat’s small shower. But she loves the community and the lifestyle. (Alan Berner / The Seattle Times)

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