Each year, the Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA) selects one port to honor as the Washington ‘Port of the Year’. This award is given to the Port which shows the greatest success in the industry as a way to motivate new innovation continuously. In December, WPPA announced the Port of Bremerton as the recipient for 2023.

Since its beginning in 1913, Port of Bremerton’s goal has been to make the greatest possible impact on the community while maintaining the integrity of what it means to be a public port. As the largest port in Kitsap County, they do this through four facilities — Bremerton National Airport, Bremerton Marina, Port Orchard Marina, and Olympic View Industrial Park — while striving to increase economic development and improve local quality of life.

Port CEO Jim Rothlin says, “The accomplishments of the past year didn’t happen overnight, but they had the biggest spotlight as of recent. We received $15.7 Million in funding for our Port  Orchard Marina breakwater, hosted US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for a press conference, added an electric charging conduit at Bremerton National Airport, started community initiatives, and more. All of these efforts of success can be attributed directly to the  dedication of the entire staff and their commitment of being accountable every day to the  success of the Port. I think everyone within the Port can be proud of what we’re accomplishing, and I hope we’re making our community proud too.” 

“We work hard to make sure that each tax dollar received is put to good use and spent responsibly. What many people don’t realize is that our facilities contribute greatly to the local economy and region. We hope that with the recognition of this esteemed award, people will take greater note of all that we contribute.” says Port Commission President Axel Strakeljahn.