Sailors, racers, pals, and party-people rejoice — Race Week is nearly two weeks away! Returning to the idyllic surroundings of Anacortes for 2023, Race Week is on from June 26-30.

Race Week in Anacortes is a wonderful blend of the new and the traditional, with its familiar format in a new venue. Fans of the event can plan for a couple of extra doses of the traditional Race Week experience this summer. The well-loved post-race parties will return for the first time since the event moved to Anacortes in 2021 — live music, costume themes, and all! Here’s the schedule:

Sunday, June 25 – Skippers Meeting: Dana Osborn Band

Monday, June 26 – Hoedown: Countryside Ride

Tuesday, June 27 – Toga Glam Rock: Gertrude’s Hearse

Wednesday, June 28 – Pink Night: Saint John and the Revelations

Thursday, June 29 – ABBA: ABBAGraphs

New this year will be the first annual Race Week Anacortes Film Festival starring you and your crew. This is an opportunity for you to share your sailing stories, show off your wicked skills, your moments of glory, or feature your crew. It’s all about having fun, and seeing the best sailing happening in the Pacific Northwest on the big screen. Your videos will stream during the parties, and everyone votes for their favorites! The Top 10 will be shown on Film Fest night at an outdoor screening at Race Week. Submit by June 20, 2023, voting takes place on Thursday June 29th.

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