Changes could be coming to one of Washington State’s most beloved boating destinations — now’s your chance to weigh in.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is developing the Blake Island Marine State Park Facility Improvement Project to meet Office of Financial Management’s Predesign Report requirements. The only public comment period is April 28th.

The project seeks to:

1. Support larger vessels in the marina; keep the marina usable for commercial and public users

2. Develop a long-term solution to providing an on-grade boat landing for State Park’s marine crews

3. Continue to connect the public with Blake Island’s natural and cultural heritage through recreational and education experiences, consistent with the parks mission

State Parks is conducting an analysis to compare three potential alternatives:

Alternative 1 – No Action. This alternative assumes that no improvements would occur within the marina basin or adjacent upland area.

Alternative 2 – Reconstruction. This alternative maximizes moorage within the existing marina footprint through a new dredge design and an efficient marina float layout. It improves safety and access within and adjacent to the marina.

Alternative 3 – Expansion. This alternative expands the marina to the west, expanding the dredged moorage basin to accommodate larger and more vessels. It improves safety and access within and adjacent to the marina. The entrance channel is reoriented to improve sight lines and boating safety.


For Questions Contact:

Sanh Ho, Construction Project Coordinator
Phone: (360) 725-9757
Michael Hankinson, Parks Planner
Phone: (360) 725-9756