The Vesper Cortex is an AIS Class B+ SOTDMA transponder combined with VHF radio and remote monitoring.

It shows amazing promise after the first few months of use. The Vesper Cortex has been one of the most anticipated devices in the marine world for over a year. I’ve had one for a couple of months now, and have had the opportunity to use it daily while out cruising.

This is a huge product, combining mini-chart plotter, VHF radio, AIS transponder, remote monitoring, and instrument display. I’m sure I missed a ton of things, and look forward to delving deeper into some of the features in the comments, and future articles.

Cortex Overview

Vesper Cortex is a next-generation combination of a number of different things: VHF radio, AIS transponder and receiver, along with remote monitoring. With these core features, you also get things like anchor watch, a plotter to see nearby targets, and a handheld controller that makes it all possible.

Vesper have a good site available with videos and descriptions of the product along with other details. The Cortex has won a number of awards from various boat shows and organizations, and seems to be getting lots of positive reviews and press.