Sitting at home or on your boat and looking for something to watch? This is one of my favorite sailing documentaries, which follows the life of a charismatic sailor and his unconventional voyage around the globe. A must see for the adventurer in all of us…

Chasing Bubbles – The true story of “the worst sailor to ever sail around the world.”

In 2008, a farm boy from Indiana named Alex Rust was working at The Chicago Board of Trade. He found success, but not happiness. At the age of 25, Alex quit his job and drove to Florida in search of something better. He traded his old minivan for a small sailboat he found on Craigslist. Alex taught himself how to sail with the help of a ‘Sailing For Dummies’ book. On New Years Eve 2008 Alex set sail from Florida with 2 friends, and headed towards the Bahamas, never looking back. What followed was a 4 year adventure that took Alex to the farthest corners of the globe. Alex’s relentlessness and appetite for risky behavior made for a grand adventure every American kid dreams of – but at what cost? ‘Chasing Bubbles’ is the story of one man’s search for fulfillment by pushing everything in his world to the absolute limit.

If not available on your device, see the movie here: