From the January 2021 issue of 48° North


The ROKK Wireless Edge phone charging mount is a 12/24V multi-adjustable waterproof wireless phone charging mount that securely holds and wirelessly charges your phone. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions on a variety of vessels, you can keep your phone in sight, fully charged, and ready to go. With a small footprint, the Edge allows you to have numerous choices for how and where to install the mount and charger combo. The mount can be rotated from portrait to landscape to view your favorite navigation app or simply fine-tune the position for the optimum viewing angle. And the self-aligning, high-grip jaws accommodate all wireless charging phones and securely hold your device in the optimum charging position, right where you need it.
Price: $179.99.



Finding a place to store things aboard a moving sailboat is one of the great challenges sailors face. Looking to tackle the problem, SWI-TEC Bags has developed a range of options to keep your personal effects and gear where you left them last, making life aboard a little easier. Their Universal Storage Bag is intended for tools, but can also be used for various other items. Tools can be put in individual pockets, secured with a flexible strip, rolled up, and then closed with a quick release fastener and adjustable strap. Able to be used inside or outside, the Railing Bag can be hung around lifelines or rails and is easy to fasten or unfasten to move as needed. Your choice of four or six pockets can hold everything from rigging tape and sunscreen to your deck knife or lip balm. Rounding out the product line, a good all-around storage option for larger items is SWI-TEC’s Universal Bag Mini. Made of water-repellant, UV-resistant, tearproof fabric, it can be hung or permanently mounted to give you an easy place to stash a VHF, water bottle, and more. Price: Starting at $43.


The JibCap

The weakest points of our sails are often found at the corners, and there is one corner in particular that is not readily available for frequent inspection: the head of a furled jib. Beyond high loads, one of the biggest issues facing the head of a hoisted sail is UV degradation to the sail cloth and its webbing. Enter, ‘The JibCap’. The Jib Cap is designed to save you the hassle and cost of sail repairs by protecting your furling jib’s webbing, stitching, and cloth. Made of Sunbrella®, the JibCap is installed on the jib head prior to hoisting, and remains in place once it’s aloft with heavy duty Velcro. When the sail is hoisted, it can be furled in and out and the JibCap will stay in place to protect your sail. Price: $35.