I’m going to say straight away here that sailboats sitting at the dock are no fun. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are. I’ve essentially known this fact since I was I kid, but recently have been forcing my nomadic, sailing- and racing-loving adult self to be content with the process. The intention of stopping here in Seward was to complete a proper and much needed refit on Yahtzee. And I’m proud to say we’ve done that.

With go-time on the horizon, my excitement at cruising more of Alaska and beyond is growing and self-restraint is becoming tiresome. Several “warmish” sunny days have allowed us to complete projects outside on the boat and our to-do list is a stick figure of its fat former self. We’re almost ready, and the bottom line is that I can’t freaking wait to get out sailing again — and not simply for the weekend. Indefinitely.

Days at this dock are coming to an end.

That said, our last couple months left in Seward are mostly about streamlining our lives back into cruising mode. Which is exciting in its own way, too. Having been attached to land — either via dock or by rental cabin — for two winters means we’ve gathered excess “stuff” that needs to be sorted through and organized (as mentioned in my last post). But downsizing and organizing is the easy part.

The true key to streamlining for cruising isn’t merely about getting rid of acquired clutter, it’s about getting our non-material lives in order, which takes time. Yahtzee’s insurance is up for renewal this month and I’ve spent an abundance of time on the phone and via email working out coverage from Alaska all the way south into Mexico. (Boy was that sweet to type.)