Bellingham SeaFeast is joining forces with local fishermen, the Port of Bellingham, and the Working Waterfront Coalition of Whatcom County to launch the Bellingham Dockside Market.

Bellingham Dockside Market will serve as the hub for local fishermen in and out of Squalicum Harbor to sell their catch directly to you! Starting this Saturday, October 17th at 10am, you’ll be able to follow signs into Squalicum Harbor to buy seafood directly from the hardworking fishermen who catch it. Sales will run until around 3 p.m., but visit the dock early to ensure the best selection of seafood options, and head home with dinner — from the dock to your table!

Here’s how it works:

  • Check the Bellingham Dockside Market Facebook page prior to sale days to see which fishermen will be at the dock and what products will be available. You can also receive an email prior to the sale date with info on the products that are likely to be available.
  • Head down to Squalicum Harbor and follow the signs to Gate 5 or Gate 7 where fishermen await with their product.
  • Pick your seafood, pay the fishermen directly, and head home with your delicious catch.

Product availability and sale dates will vary. Sometimes a storm rolls in, a mechanical issue pops up on a boat, or the fishermen aren’t quite where the fish are swimming. Other times, it’s all systems go with calm seas and the fish holds full!

The operation of Bellingham Dockside Market will reflect these dynamic circumstances that our fishermen navigate. That’s why the most up-to-date product and sale information will be available on the Bellingham Dockside Facebook page. We’re bringing you the best of our waterfront town: the Bellingham Dockside Market, an authentic connection to our local waters.

On Saturday, October 17th it’s anticipated that the following seafood will be available:

  • Oysters
  • Frozen whole salmon
  • Live crab
  • Canned Albacore tuna

Or check with participating fishermen about the opportunity to pre-order for future seafood pickup or delivery.