The Race to Alaska is back for 2022 — and so too is the R2AK Boat Show Tailgate!

Free food? Free beer? Sounds good to us. Oh and it’s located next to the Seattle Boat Show!

The Race to Alaska crew is once again hosting their R2AK Tailgate and you’re invited to stop by for a beverage and a bite, and to chat all things boating with former racer participants and those who might be planning to throw their adventure hats into the ring for the 2022 edition or beyond.

The shenanigans start on February 5 at 4 p.m. outside the Lumen Field Event Center.

Here’s what the organizers have to say about the shindig:

What! Race to Alaska Tailgate Party
When! Saturday, February 5th 2022, at 4 pm until the free food and beer runs out
Where! 901 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA (maybe, stay tuned)

And here it is again…

We’re hosting a free party at the gates of the bastion of plastic, the monolith of disposable income, the show we like to call The Bauble Bazaar.

Yup, during the Seattle Boat Show we’ll be outside having a tailgate party.

It’s free and a party—two of the three best things that happen on land. And it is COVID compliant, not because we redesigned the party but because it’s outdoors already. So we can say, yup, we’re complying with all regulatory COVID guesswork the WA government has to offer.

We’ll have (mostly) legal games of chance, music, food, stories, and people—yes people. We’d love for you to be one of those people. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the thank you. The louder the music, the harder it will be for all of us to be arrested, and if you don’t come we’ll end up feeding 200lbs of questionable hot dogs to our dog, Jonas.

We’re occupying the boat show, in the best way, and we think you should too.

4 pm on Saturday, February 05. We’ll be firing up the grill so eat our meat or bring your own, drink whatever it is that we have in the red cups, or bring something that won’t come back up. Just show up with your game face and your running shoes.

Questions? Search your soul and then contact us after Hare Krishna strikes out. It’ll be a parking lot right next to Lumen Field.

We’re taking it back! Taking back what you ask? Come find out.