Sending More PNW Graduating Senior Sailors Off To Exciting New Adventures

As is true for student athletes in any high school sport, senior year is steeped in tradition for sailors around the Pacific Northwest. Each team has their own way of saying goodbye to those who are graduating and moving on to new adventures. For me, it meant recognition for my skipper and I at our end-of-season celebration with our friends and family, a handshake from my coach at my last regatta and, of course, the “senior splash” courtesy of my teammates. The “splash” tradition entails picking the seniors up, carrying them to the high section of the dock at Sail Sand Point (SSP), and pitching them into the water below (often fully clothed) at their last SSP regatta. I obviously would never condone this behavior due to the boldly printed NO SWIMMING signs…

But this year, the the spring sailing season was canceled. Outgoing seniors of the Northwest Interscholastic Sailing Association (NWISA) didn’t get their victory lap around the buoys. They didn’t have the opportunity to feel the warmth of community recognition in the typical ways. Thus, we will honor their commitment to their programs and personal progress and on the water in a different fashion.

48° North has teamed up with local coaches to congratulate senior sailors around the region, and to showcase the future generation of the sport of sailing. Although we can’t present them with flowers at a banquet, shake their hands, or toss them into Lake Washington; we want these sailors to know that all of us in the sailing community of the Pacific Northwest are proud of what they’ve accomplished and can’t wait to see what their futures hold.

Part one congratulated seniors from the Willamette Sailing Club. Part two those from Newport High School, Port Townsend High School, and Bainbridge High School. Part three recognized graduating seniors from the Gorge Sailing Team. The fourth installment spotlighted graduating senior sailors from Olympia and the fifth was Seattle.

Narrows Race Team graduating class of 2020

Axel Stordahl

Gig Harbor High School
Plans: College of Charleston

Coach’s Note: Axel started sailing with the Narrows Race Team in 8th grade. Next year he will be attending the College of Charleston and is looking forward to a new and intense sailing program! Axel is a lifelong sailor who has had a tremendously positive impact on the growing Narrows Race Team program. His positive leadership has helped to grow a team at Gig Harbor High School. During his time with the program, Axel led teams to Keelboat Nationals and Chubb Junior Championships as well as representing the Northwest at Cressy Singlehanded Nationals. 

Ian Deaton

Gig Harbor High School
Plans: University of Michigan

Coach’s Note: Ian was a late but welcome addition to the Narrows Race Team program. Even though his senior season got cut short, he has been spending the summer developing skills in the Laser. It is great to see him pushing himself to learn new skills that he will carry into his next adventure. He will attend the University of Michigan in the fall and hopes to study Mechanical Engineering. He plans to continue sailing in college and beyond. 

Hayden Flaskerud

Charles Wright Academy
Plans: University of Chicago

Coach’s Note: Hayden began sailing with our program in elementary school and has grown into a team leader during his time with the Narrows Race Team.  Hayden participated in the Mallory Doublehanded Championship as a Freshman. He plans to sail for the University of Chicago next year and will surely be a welcome positive addition to their program.


Nick Lee

Charles Wright Academy
Plans: University of Washington/Cornell University

Coach’s Note: Nick also sailed at the Mallory Doublehanded Championship as a Freshman representing Charles Wright Academy and has helped to build the Charles Wright program during his time with the Narrows Race Team. In the fall, Nick will attend the University of Washington’s College of Engineering, and then transfer to Cornell University where he plans to participate in their sailing program. 


Thomas Pentimonti

Bellarmine Preparatory School
Plans: University of Washington

Coach’s Note: Thomas has helped to grow the Bellarmine program immensely during his time with the Narrows Race Team. He began as the sole member representing his school, and his steadfast leadership has helped to build the program into a full team. Next year he plans to attend and sail for the University of Washington.